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  1. I started this thing with a box made in the shed,30X60 inches and around 5.5 feet high. It was constructed with 2x4 and 2 inch thick styrofoam-2 layers uptop and 3 on bottom.
    It has 2 T8s 4' long 1 fixture, It also has 2 24 watt 6500k,4 42 watt 6500k,2 55 watt 2700k.I think once I added and it is around 600 watt equivlent. The plants seem to be doing well,with fall on the onset and nights dropping down to mid 30 to 40s it stays a comfortable 63 at night (lights run at night) 73-75 durning the day.
    Cooling is provided by 1 3" exhust fan that runs all the time,4 3" fans (2 exhust and 2 intake? that are on a thermal cube that turns on at 78 and shuts off at 70, and a fan that circulates air.
    Im reading now that HID would be the way to go when flowering-but I cant see it in this box due to heat restrictions-they would surely burn up.Besides my thought was to keep it cheap-nice try at even the level I am at.
    Would a T5 be the way to upgrade?Will a VHO bulb work in a standard T5 fixture?Will it produce the lumins needed for flowering?I think std t5 is 2500 and vho hits 5000.
    It would be easy to spend 80-90 bucks and get a HID-but the heat.
    The pic you see is before my first set of improvements-just wanted to give you an idea.

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  2. All I did was look at the photos, I didn't read that whole thing, you seem to have "enough" light, soda can reflectors ought to do the trick if your on a budget. Tube flourescents will produce enough light for flowering but they suck, trust me, just get some 2700 k 23-26 watt CFL's. Way more light, way more efficient.

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