I think I need a better bowl piece

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    Hello Grasscity. I decided to buy a bong a from my local headshop, with a pre-set budget of $50 before entering. I knew I wasn't going to get anything of high quality, just something to last me a few months.

    The problem with my new bong is that whenever I take tokes from it...it just doesn't feel "right". It's very hard to explain. It almost feels like it is not air tight or something and it also feels like alot of the weed is burning in the bowl but not actually going down into the bowl/slider (wasting green).

    (sorry for bad quality pics)

    So yeah, I think this bong REALLY needs a different type of bowl piece...because I don't even want to smoke out of it right now. Any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks. :smoking:
  2. Sorry, but I see no pics.
  3. you should test drive everything before you buy it. I'd take it back to the guy who sold it to me and politely ask for an exchange(if it hasnt been weeks already)
  4. i cant see the pics, but im assuming that what you have is a slide with a rubber o ring around it that fits into the downstem. I also have a similar bong and here is what i did to fix the problem.
    1. slide the o-ring from directly beneath the bowl to about midway down the slide.
    2. get a largeish glass bead (must be glass) and pop that into your bowl, which is likely too deep, with too large a whole.

    I did both of those things, and it has vastly improved my smoking experience
  5. I was able to open the pictures, everything seems to be set up right. Its a nice glass on glass piece if ya ask me.

    What you might be experiencing is alot of "drag" because of all those percs plus the ash catcher, the smoke has a long way to travel. You might try getting a regular bowl for your bong and smoke it with that instead of the ash catcher and see if you see a difference.

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