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I think I might try and cut back on my pot use.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tgrape18, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. Over the past month or so, the feeling has slowly been creeping up but I wasn't sure about it. However, it seems like weed may have lost a big part of it's magic to me. It occured to me that I do it every day, and I couldn't remember very many nights in the last year or so that I hadn't gone to bed high. It's not all that fun anymore, only for that peak 30 minutes or so. So I think I' stopping (or at least severely toning down) my usage. Anybody else ever felt the same way, or am I about to get a LOT of negative comments?
  2. lol, it's not big deal is it?? just stop smoking god damn
  3. my pot use adjusts to my funds avaliable
  4. ive taken breaks from my pot consumption before this moslty due to a lack of funds though. but if u wanna quit op go for it youll have alot more money and when u start smoking agian it will be worth the break.
  5. It's called a T-break. I would say half the posters here support T-breaks, a quarter don't support them, and the rest don't care.

    It's just weed.
  6. take a day or two off dude. and nice avy. :)
  7. 4-5 days is enough.

  8. who the hell wouldn't support a t-break? Sooner or later everyone needs to do it. Unless you only smoke once a month or something.
  9. t-breaks kill!! Dont do them
  10. Well I have smoked every day for over 2 years now, only took a 6 day T-break while I was in Paris because I couldn't get any weed, and I still get plenty high.

    Taking a T-break might lower my tolerance for the first puff or two, but is not smoking for a month just to get a little bit higher the next few times I blaze worth it? Not in my mind.

    While i'm not saying that I "don't support" them, I just don't believe they are a necessity like many people make them out to be. I see so many posters going "I dont get high anymore" or "I'm addicted to weed" and they are all just laughable. It's usually just a case of shitty weed, or stupid people.
  11. take 2 weeks off. the first day or two will be shitty and you'll want to toke up most likely if your bored, so just try to do something fun. then u'll start having vivid dreams after a while, you'll have fun doing things you normally wouldnt have thought to be too great unless you were baked. memory will return, then once you finally toke will be amazing. just like the first time.
  12. Good luck.

    And watch how much money u end up saving. Its amazing how much people spend on weed. At least i spend alot

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