I think I might quit smoking weed

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  1. Hey everybody, I'm kind of an unexperienced member here. I think I've only posted a couple times, so excuse me if this thread is in the wrong place. Anyway let me get to the point. I'm thinking about quitting (or cutting back) on toking. I'll start by telling you a little about my childhood.

    It was traumatic to say the least. My dad was/is an alcoholic and a drug addict. Name pretty much any drug you can think of and he abused it. These problems tore our family apart and practically ruined my adolescent years. The severe stress led to anxiety and depression that I still deal with daily (I'm 18 now btw), even though he's been clean for a while now.

    Now, I've been smoking weed for a little over a year now. On average 3-4 times a week I'd say. At first I loved it, but now most of the time when I smoke I just get depressed. I know marijuana is no where near as dangerous as the drugs he was using, but I still feel as if I'm kind of repeating the pattern and that I'm going to end up doing the same things to my family that he did to me. It's unlikely, cause I don't drink or use other drugs (nor do I have any desire to) but it still reminds me of him everytime I take a hit off a joint. And then it starts to bring back those painful memories and I can't even enjoy the high.

    I'm just really confused because I used to really enjoy toking up and I know that I'm not hurting people by doing it like he was when he was using drugs. But still, I just can't get it out of my head. What do you guys think I should do?
  2. The world doesn't change, only your perspective changes...

    keep your chin up, be positive.. and find a creative outlet =)
  3. As long as you know what you've been through having a dad like yours, I'm quite sure you couldn't repeat his mistakes if you tried. Besides weed's supposed to relax you out. You'll be fine, it's all in your head. Ps, as you said you don't abuse drugs or anything so you've nothing to worry about. Head up, fears behind :).
  4. take a t break...
  5. I used to do what you did. Then I started sketching in my sketchbook. Its grown from there ever since. Get past the fucked up parts of your life and find a new path.
  6. When i was going through anxiety and depression i was really anti social and acting crazy and felt paranoid about things. I told myself that if i try being more positive ill change and i did. Try doing new things explore your artistic side or do whatever you are good at that stuff helps most importantly have a variety of things to do and learn, this way you mind directs itself in a different way. Hope i helped. Also socializing and meeting new people also influences your mental state positivly.
  7. If you're afraid of turning into your father, quit all drugs when you start your own family.
  8. take a t break foreal man. i have been smoking about 6 or 7 months. i haven't smoked in 2 weeks. before that i was smoking an 8th in 2 days and wasn't enjoying being high at all. it was just part of a routine that i had to keep up to appease myself a little.

    after 2 weeks i feel great, just finished my exams for this semester, and im about to grab a bit of bud to kick off the summer.
  9. Dude just keep in mind what you're dad did and make SURE u dont fuck up the way he did. Remind you're self theirs more to life that weed and just use it for fun and to chill don't make it your life and i think you'll b fine.
  10. thats rough dude, but you dont need to feel guilty about weed imo.
  11. Thanks for all the replies guys. After giving it some thought I've decided that I'm not going to quit but I am going to take a bit of tolerance break and I'm just going to cut back in general. I'm still a kid with few responsiblities so i'm gonna keep toking as long as its not causing any problems. Right now its not negatively affecting my life or any of my relationships with others so I guess I'm just over worrying. If I ever have kids I'll give the stuff up but until then I'm gonna keep using the herb every once in a while when I feel like chilin. Peace

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