i think i might of under watered my seedling

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    guys i started germ two days ago. and they popped so i got some 16oz party cups and poke 1 hole at the bottom.. the hole was a pretty nice size i guess anyways i watered it with about 75ml of water then let it sit for about 20mins then planted my seed.. i didnt see any drainage at the bottom.. should i wait for it to sprout to give it a nice water??
  2. I am NOT an expert....but

    Sounds like plenty of water to me....75 ml in a 16 oz cup of soil seems like it should be nice and moist. I watched my seedlings daily, and didn't water again until soil was dry 1/2 way down the cup. The seedlings should send some roots down to the bottom, and will be able to find water even if the soil doesn't feel wet on top. Id be careful about drowning them.

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