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I think I might have smoked some rotten weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The Stud, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. well, I found this package at home, so I smoked it. The smell of the weed is one thing, the other is the taste of it.. I haven't tasted weed that taste like that before.
    The weed was grounded up pretty fine so I don't really know what to look for.
    What happens when someone smoke weed that is molding or rotting?

  2. What do you mean by "package" lolSent from my iPhone using Grasscit
    a bag! a tiny plastic bag with the regular kind of zip!
  4. Honestly it won't kill you but it's not good for you. But I wouldn't worry about it. Keep tokin' Sent from my iPhone using Grasscit
    you FOUND some strange unknown bag of finely ground powder and decided to just fucking smoke it????
    go see a dr...<multiple insulting terms referring to low intelligence quota and empty cranial cavity censored> kids!
  6. #6 morange, Jan 26, 2014
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    you probably got some dry shake, bottom of the bag stuff. it's usually a mix of stem and buds.
    That could be why it's harsh or tastes bad.
    To tell if there is mold on ground up buds you should be able to smell something off about it, and it would have some moisture in it.
    EDIT: wait did you really just find a bag of powder and assumed it was weed or...
    I didn't as much FIND it as you make it seem. It was my bag, I had just forgot about it until I found it.
    But yeah, thanks for the supporting feedback bro. 
  8. nigga done smoked some oregano 
  9. #9 The Stud, Jan 26, 2014
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 26, 2014
    yes, that is what happened I just found a bag and assumed it was weed. Everything that looks smokeable, is smokeable. My new motto. Thnx guy.
    No, it wasn't a random bag, it was a found again bag..
  10. #10 Krimble, Jan 26, 2014
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    IDK, my friend got a lung infection by smoking mouldy weed once. He only coughed a lot for a couple weeks or so. 
    Edit : You should be good though. Just smoke some dank fresh bud now.
  11. Well did it get you high? 
    Well, yeah I suppose. Not a great long-lasting high, more like a 'meh' short-lasting high. 
  13. no need to get defensive I was just asking. I provided an answer to your question in my post though.

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