I think I might have an addiction....

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Fatjack4391, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. To Diablo 2!

    I apologize GC, I have been neglecting my posting here in lieu of my recent return to Diablo 2, and have been spending most of my time at the D2jsp forums.

    Now I don't want to sound like a complete nerd, but this game is pretty bad for me. It's like fucking heroin, that's why I stopped playing it before (that's when I picked up GH and got bored of D2, if D2 was my heroin, GH is my coke).

    Now it really isn't that bad, it's just that I'm so fucking bored. I mean, I barely have anything to do since I'm still in school, don't have a full-time job or anything, and my friends barely ever call me up to just chill or anything.

    Dunno why I'm posting this, maybe still hoping to get some blades to play with, and just to...I dunno....vent?

    I dunno. just been bored as fuck. And smoking only makes it even more enjoyable! (Before when I used to play was when I didn't smoke, but now when I'm high it's just so much better cause it ain't as boring.
  2. yea I feel ya, I used to kill some d2 back in the day. D3 looks sick sucks its not coming out for like 10-12 mnths.

    just grab a job, takes up your time, meet some new people, and its nice when you have deep pockets and you can do what you want. It just sucks when you have a job, you have money to do shit but just dont have time and then when you dont work, u dont have money and cant do shit but you have so much time its not even funny.
  3. oh man.... do i remember the days of Diablo 2..... i swear back at the start of every summer while i was still in school... i'd inadvertently start picking up diablo again.... then 3 weeks would roll by and i'd stagger out of my room.... more pale and skinnier from lack of eating.... then go outside and do my normal summer fun....

    those blizzard games are damn addicting i swear... the diablo's and the warcraft/starcraft.... oh my

    too bad i don't have em on my computer anymore
    maybe i'll try and find my CD's
    peace, hippy
  4. only game I was ever addicted to was a little game called Tribes 2. :hello:
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    Yeah, the reason I got back in D2 was cause I did hear D3 was coming out, and i was talking with my friend who I gave my accounts to a few months ago, and he was like if you want them back I can have them, so I re-downloaded the games cause I sold my discs to my friend to grab a nickel bag :smoke:.

    Didnt matter though still had them all installed and I checked out the accounts and the shit was still there, so I was like, fuck it.

    But yeah. It's not too bad. I go through my Diablo 2 phase every couple months....

    I'm happy as long as it's not RuneScape though....fuck THAT game.

    btw I play US East non-ladder softcore exp.
    just post here if you play and want me to add you. Or you can add my account
    I also sometimes go on my old accounts to look at gear/xfer/trade. those are
    (used to share accounts with 2-3 people and they all stopped so I just took their stuff, they don't give a fuck.)
  6. play hardcore its 5 times better and prob more addicting
  7. i used to play this gamed called Ultima Online when i was a young virginal youth
  8. hahaha ur post is funny as hell man. mostly because this would make me a recovering addict. i used to be just as bad on d2 i even got my dad into it. i can remember SOOOO many times workin so hard on a character in hardcore and BAM dead. hahaha id quit for a couple weeks til i was just magically over losing all my gear and ready to try again. that game seriously bad for ppl..

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