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  1. SO... I was basically given a 2x600W HPS setup with fancy digital ballasts, vent fan, timers, CO2, the complete setup. I was also given 6 clones which I've kept going. I consider myself to have a green thumb but I'm starting to think I'm over my head for my first grow. Originally my idea was to start small, two plants but then I was given this setup and decided might as well do 6. 
    I don't know where to place my second light, in line with the current light or next to it - - vs | | 
    I originally wanted to do LST on two of the plants but I'm thinking the 5gal buckets are too small for that, now I'm thinking about doing a SoG under one light with two plants and a 4x4 screen but if they need to flower at a different time then the other plants I could be screwed, right?
    I guess I really need direction, I have fox farms soil and fertilizer, I can see things getting out of hand quickly and I don't want that to happen. 
    Maybe I should grow 3 plants under each light normally and just try to top them if they grow up too tall? 
    All and any advice is appreciated. I love growing plants and don't want to totally fuck this up. The kit included reflective mylar and what not but for the first grow I don't want to build a dedicated "room" 
    I just want to learn. Please advise. Thank you.


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  2. First take a deep breathe you will be alright man. I would place the two 600w hps inline with each other. Use vent fan to cool both. Oscillating fans on plants allow them to exchange co. I know nothing of using co2 adding setups. Lst isn't complex tying a plant down gives you more tops, and makes the plant shorter bushier. My first grow I let, super cropped, fim, and lollipop. Not complicated st all watch the youtube videos. In fact it's so easy a monkey could do it.
    Make sure you vent inline fan outside or into a different area. Take bends out of your ducting it cuts fan power way down. Straight runs as much as is reasonable. More watts equals more growth equals more bud. As long as your grow area doesn't overheat run both lights.

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