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  1. Well let me get to it. I have been smoking on and off for years now and whenever I'm high like everyone, feel good. But when I'm sober I feel my life has gone way to fast for me and I always remember those younger days. I'm only 20 though lol.. I just feel like I'm living in the past and do not like change. College is so stressful. I think I may quit smoking weed. I think it effects my life just a little bit because it makes me live in the past. Again I do not know what I am saying but I can't explain it. I smoked some excellent herb and started thinking, hehe :smoke: Anyway, I find it hard to do school and smoke even on weekends it effects me getting things done, and I think it makes me procrastinate like I do like crazy. I'm not saying that the herb is not for me, trust me I love it every once in a while. When I was in high school was the best time because you could mess around and still get by. But college is where you want to stay focused.

    I do not know what you guys will get out of this, I just wanted to get out my feelings. I find it hard to change. I need to get a job but I fear the real outside world, even though everyone has to overcome it sooner or later. I still have maybe 6 or less months of school left before I'm out.. I just hope that I can get a good job, but being as that may, I must lay off the herb and live life the old boring way until I can stay stable and not work to live.

    Peace people
  2. Makes suicide sound better than an orange on a hot day.
  3. Been pondering this is as well. I've chosen to just change my lifestyle and decrease my weed smoking. It has become too much of an urge for me. I actually buckled down in high school and got some decent grades! After this quarter I'm getting my focus on, herb included!!
  4. Why risk your future to smoke dope? Do all the shit you need to do so your sittin' pretty in 5 years THEN start toking again.

    And just so you know, life ain't boring when your not smokin' dope. Quit for 3 weeks and see. Theres so many fun things that you can do sober.
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    Well yeah, of course, I know that life isn't boring when sober. But everytime I am sober, I think about all the fun times in my life with friends and family and realized I missed a lot. Or just can't let go of the past. I think about my future and I don't want to think about it because I am worried I will not make it in the world. I guess you could say I am afraid of change and commitment and that I feel I may mess something up or will not learn how to do a job right.. I am definetly going to stop smoking but not forever, just now because I do not want to fail a DT. I'm working on finding a job now before I get out of college to have some kind of work background before I start my real career.

    I just have one question for you blades. How long does it take to detox/get thc out of the system. And I don't mean temporary while/during a test. I mean for good until I can get a job. I know it doesn't stay in your system if you are a smaller person compared to someone 150-200+lbs. I weight around 120 lbs at the moment. I just want to know if someone had a similar personal experience to let me in on some info. If i'm not correct, i've heard you can drink lots of water excersise and drink red bull becaues of the niacin having something to do with detox, I'm no expert on this.

    edit]** Forgot to mention, maybe I have, that I do not smoke very often. I used to recreationally smoke when I was in highschool but now I just do it mostly for medicinal purposes. I had not smoked for 2 weeks, but this weekend I smoked, and last night I smoked.. And last night is going to be the last for me for a long while.]**

    If anyone could help, I'd appreciate it. Thanks for the support.

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