i think i may have stunted my plant...

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by cropfarmer18, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. last night my reflector fell on a slant and ripped the tip off one ov the new leaf set its only a little one but as its the new growth what will happen?..........if any has had a problem like this what would b the outcome if any

  2. also can i clip out a blade or 2 from 5-7 leaf sets just to let light through to the shoots and branches?
  3. You're fine....no worries. These plants are programmed for just such an occasion. If it were growing wild, it would be munched on by deer, rabbits, ect. Don't do anything to it. Nature will handle itself just fine.

    Pruning leaves is an issue that you can make arguments on both sides for.... Personally, I trim here and there throughout the flowering cycle to get light into areas that need it. I use the "Rule of Three"--which is leave no fewer than three fan leafs per branch. Those are important towards transpiration, chlorophyll production...you get the idea. Don't go crazy on it. Utilizing a combination of LST techniques and mild trimming, you can get a lot of light to the branches.
  4. You have nothing to worry about at all. Like he stated above these plants are incredible when it comes to survival and repair. Two days ago i was adjusting my 12V fan and dropped it on a branch. The branch lost a leaf or two as well as the new growth got damaged. So what i did was cut the new growth off as i would do if i were topping my plant. The results now are better than before. Now i have two tops instead of one. This is excellent way to fix a damage to new growth.

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