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i think i may have some sort of road rage problem

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Dec 4, 2003.


do ya think its really road rage?

  1. 100% road rage

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  2. mild case of road rage

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  3. a nice girl on a road full of idiots

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  4. maybe someone shouldnt be driving at all :)

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  1. well maybe, an i donno if its really a "problem" persay.....cause i dont really consider it "my" problem, its other people doing stupid crap all around me an if i wasnt a defensive driver some of these buttholes would crash into me at least once everyday
    possible problem #1..people merging into my lane, UH ass im already here, now im slamming on my brakes to keep you from hitting the side of my car where my child in that case they usually get the middle finger and a swearword.*unless you count this one time when my parents were behind me, and some silly girl basicassly ran me off the road, and had the nerve to give ME the finger.(gheeshe people are mean) her mistake....,summertime, stoplight and alll the windows rolled down. needless to say my parents were shocked at my wrath. and so was little girlie who i swore id call her parents and tell them what a good driver she was. by the time i was finished neither her or her friend would look at bet they thought i was craaazy or sumthin.
    ya just shouldnt drive like that ever :D

    possible problem #2... why in the world would soccer mom in her mini van want to keep passing me and then slow down then give me a dirty look when i have to pass her, this case usually involves the middle finger also and a screaming match(yea i know its down the highway with the widows rolled up so its useless) use your freakin cruise controll if you cannot drive a steady speed.
    possible problem #3....everytime...this one i might be responsible for. acceleration..... why oh why would someone in a racing "pinto lookin thing" think they CAN and NEED to accelerate faster than well, :D
    i do not swear at of flip off these people i just, well,...i just feel compelled to blow them away. there lies my problem. its these people that get me every time, i cannot let it go. i must win...
    i tell my husband "i think i have some sort of road rage driving problem" people wont leave me alone....he listens and then tells me how to accelerate faster :D. so problem solved. till next time. muhahaha

  2. lol..50% modest road rage.........
    i would never flip off an old lady...lmao
    but would certainly use a gas station as a shortcut :D
  3. HIGH All, also I can picture HIGHa behind one of these.

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  4. ^^^^nuh-uh^^^^

    cept that one time an i wasnt drivin :p
  5. LOL! I had a score of 55%. Must be because of the red traffic lights and the old lady...
  6. nah it aint road rage... if I had been in the same situation with the girl that flipped you off.... lets just say she wouldn't ever think of cutting someone off again, lol :D

    *story time*
    There is this one lady that lives by me that never stops at stop signs in our neighborhood (thinks her lexus is too good to stop or somthing) so one time I was following her home , and to prove a point I took a short cut to get in front of her, and then parked my car right in the intersection she usually runs (not busy at all, so no real threat)... fucking lady didn't see me until she was close enough she had to slam on her brakes, the speed limits 25, she was probably going 50 or so. I was scared for my life, but I havn't seen her run that stop sign sense ;)
  7. omg cow, we got cars like that here too, lexus=no turn signals also. when they manufactured those cars they really shoulda put brakes an turn signals on em eh? :D
    AN ya blow thru red lights? AND honk and scare old ladies?lmao

    my bads were obviously yelling at people the occasional finger and shrotcuts.

    n,.. cow im really a nice person but i sware those two girls merged thru 3 lanes of traffic all in one motion an that put my ass in the oncomming lane....till the stoplight when we were all side by side :D
    ive never before or ever again told someone off like that in my life......they ended up rollin up their windows and wouldnt look at me anymore. bad bad girls.

  8. This counts also for old ladies who are blocking the isle of a supermarket and/or pay large amounts in nickels and dimes only during supermarket rush hour. ;)
  9. Results of "The Test"
    How angry do you get on the road?

    Your score = 95

    What does your score mean?

    Talk about a recipe for disaster: in one vehicle mix a handful of any combination of the following ingredients; pride, aggression, anger, frustration, impatience, intolerance, and stress. Stir vigorously and you've got yourself a healthy helping of road rage. According to this test, you've got all the symptoms. You get overly worked up over everyday driving situations, and often resort to nasty tactics to bulldoze your way through traffic - maybe even physically attacking others! One of the problems with this volatile concoction is that most of the people afflicted by it don't even realize they have a problem. For your own mental well-being and physical health and for the safety of everyone else on the road, you should work on overcoming your highway demons... before they lead to disaster.

    lol,and yet l,am the best driver l know ???
  10. Highya=roadrage............. now way... tell them incompetent drivers to get oof the road....

    I don't have road rage.. Except when them fu*kers park in the lane I'm in... I hate when people get on interstate where the speed limit is 70 doing 50.. Don't park in front of me!!!!
  11. When I'm out drivin' I usually have a water gun at hand, preferably filled with water colour. So when one of those assholes cuts me off or stuff like that, I shoot at his car. Really freaks'em out...

  12. Your score = 70

    Hmmm....I really thought it would be higher. I think the gender and age thing throws the score off.

    I flip off old ladies, cuss cops and am VERY aggressive on the road....yet only 70%! :p have road rage.
  13. i got a 75% and thought that maybe the age altered it soo i tried like 5 combos from 6 to 100 and male and didnt change.

  14. they got what they deserved hehehe

    guess what????? I GOT ANOTHER STORY!!!!

    today I was driving home from a munchie run and a fucking semi pulled out in front of me... like right in front of me! I was going 50, and I had to slam on my brakes to keep from hitting him!!!! I fucking fishtailed into the other lane, and almost shit my god damn pants! my turn was about 20 feet after the gas station that he turned out of, but needless to say I passed it and drove next to the fucker for like 10 min trying to get his attention, when that didn't work I did what budhead hates, parked my damn car in front of him! I passed him and then proceeded to slow down to 30, then when he tried to pass me, I changed lanes. Then he honked and I fliped him off, turned off, and went home

    fucking semis, I really thought I was going to die!!!!
  15. Results of "The Test"
    How angry do you get on the road?

    Your score = 25

    Well I be damn.. I thought it would be higher..

    I guess flipping people off
    going around grandma blowing the horn no less
    And having people towed that are in my spot

    are bad..

  16. people where im from usually jus shoot at you, or chase you home confront you in your driveway or shoot you with crossbow bolts. i guess its just a fact of life around here. im pretty bad myself, do not cut me off, that is a big no no, i will chase you flashing lights and lay on the horn till you get the point that cutting me off wasnt the best decision youve made.
  17. Higha, I'm glad I don't drive near ya, or ya'd be real pissed off at me blowin by ya when those lights turn green ;) My thinking is this. If I drive 20MPH faster than anyone else, They don't have time to do anything stupid when I'm near them :D
  18. I just wanna buy like a 1970's Ford with a 400ci engine and weld on a bumper thats 2 times as big as a winch bumber.
    I'll modify the plates so a little piece of metal flips over the plates when i need to deal with someone pissing me off. Or i'd just take the same truck out to the cabin and royally fuck it up with one day of drunk/stoned/wreckless ratbaging.
  19. Hmm, 20%. I'm too nice. Then again, I do live on a mostly barren island.

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