I think I just found out theres a ghost.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by BowlingBowlz, May 12, 2011.

  1. So Im just chillin here in the Real Life Stories thread like usual... fuck with that. So as Im doing that My tv turns on, and I was like wtf so I look around for the remote and its under my pillow and a blanket on my bed and I was across my room (no where near the bed) and nothing could have ever turned it on, so idk.

    I have suspected there has been a ghost, any ideas?

    *Im really high on some heads right now so if this doesnt make sense I apologize. :smoke:
  2. No its not a ghost, could be some fucked up wiring in the TV or the weight of the blanket or pillow gradually pushed the button down.
    Or its a ghost.
  3. Agree with what Duhya said. Sometimes shit you dont see everyday occurs, think of it as a blessing
  4. i had a tv that got 'electrocuted' by lightning during a rain storm. after that, it started turning on n off by itself. the electrician said it's some wiring issue, and he's seen it before. so i don't think it's any poltergeist from the tv. but if you hear a voice (or voices) from the tv calling your name, then let us know.
  5. Invite that spirit to toke with you
  6. Sometimes cellphones/microwaves/other rooms remotes and stuff can turn on other objects in the house

    I use to have this electric thing you touched and the electricity would flow to your finger, whenever I touched it everything in my room would turn on at once
  7. Maybe just a strange scientific phenomenon but hey ? we would all be a little freaked out, no worrys bro...unless it's a ghost
  8. dude one time i had a tommy rugrat toy and it was a sensor i had it turned off batteries removed . i walked past it once and it turned its and was like a " i seee youuu" and i fucking ripped its god damn little head off and threw it in the dumpster god that felt good yesss take that tommy you fucking little devil!!!!
  9. Its probably just that the fibers in your pillow carried a small electric charge from the friction when you tossed it on your bed and they released said charge at the exact moment that lightening struck a dumpster 68 miles away creating just enough electricity in the air to jumpstart your remote, sending an extra powerful signal strait through the pillow and around the corner at the tv.

    either that or you might have a ghost....
  10. yea cuz if ghosts existed they would totally walk around and go "ima turn on this dudes tv on just to fuck with him lolol". if anything ghosts would be smoking our weed
  11. yeah, and if it was a cool ghost, you'd be able to see it smokin' your weed thru the tv screen.
  12. Static in the air can randomly turn things on.
  13. Be polite and offer the ghost a hit
  14. Thanks for all your theories blades, but Im almost 100% sure it was a ghost, the remote was flipped so that all the buttons were facing my bed not the blanket/pillow, and I have heard shit before, and everyone who comes over always gets a weird feeling in their stomach before they come into my room, Ima ask it to toke tonight.
  15. I once had this Homer santa doll thing that when you pressed a button on it, he would dance and sing. Well I have no fucking clue how it happened but randomly one day when I turned the light on in my room, it would activate homer and he would start jamming!!! Happened every time I shut/turned on the light that day, then never happened again.
    was pretty cool
  16. What was on the TV? It could have been a message...

    ....from baby jesus
  17. Have you ever thought about how a ghost won't be able to get high since it lacks cannaboid receptors?
  18. No, but they have spirit cannabanoid receptors.
  19. Ok here is an extremely logic explanation... People can hack their phones and iPods and what not to interrupt inferred receptions. To basically hack ACs and anything else with inferred receptors most commonly TVs.

    So what im saying is. Someone could quite possibly be fucken with you and making fun of you because he totally just read what you said in your thread and can tell you are going crazy.

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