i think i have seeds??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by growerfred, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. Ok so we were a week into 12/12 when we got ride of the males, maybe only 5 days. On one of the plants it seems like it has seeds forming, were 4 weeks into 12/12 today. The plants were touching eachother before we got ride of the males. Ill get pictures up ASAP, does anyone have any input? Thanks GC
  2. It'll be easier to tell with pictures! I hope it's not, but if it is you could harvest them and plant them!

    Stay high:smoke:
  3. ok so i got the best pic of it i could..just throught in the cola pic of another plant..Thanks for the help guys.

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  4. hmmm..... looks like a seed to me...

    Is that the only one, or are there more?
  5. There are more..but they started to grow little orange hair out of em..so i think its just the way its budding?ill try to get better pics
  6. Yea the pics where a little big and hard to see but on the small pic you could see a seed I think.
  7. mayb a hermie 5 days is to soon for the male to have any affect on the females, the "pollen bananas" probably didnt form yet let alone open to pollenate the females, keep any eye on this plant and check to see if you get the bananas check the sexing sticky for a pic of the "banana"

    good luck bro peace
  8. ohh ya and next time ya post it would help if you resized the pics to like 600 x 300 pixels or somewhere round there u can use ms paint to resize
  9. i had to resie it. i dunno whta i made it to, but the pic off the camera was horrible thats the best i could cdo

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