I think I have phosphorous lockout!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Newblicious, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. Yeah, I looked at the pics on http://www.ganjaguerrilla.net/ and they look exactly like what my plants are doing.

    Unfortunately, Im about a month deep into flowering, and Im scared its to late to do much else than watch as my plants turn black and crisp up. Anybody know what I can do for my plants?

    I use foxfarm nutes; such as grow big, tiger bloom, and big bloom. Ill get the stats for those when I can.

    Any info that somebody can give would be great, especially if there is some sort of remedy that I can use.

  2. complete a soil runoff PH test.......
    with PH corrected water (6.5-6.8PH ) pour enough water in the pots so the water runs out the bottom of the pot ...collect & test the PH of this runoff water....post both the watering going in the pots and the runoff ph

    if the soil ph is ok then you just need to feed them lightly
  3. Alright, Ill give that a try next watering, and see what it comes up with.

    More Info Soon!

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