i think i have bugs on my plants!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by charlie067, Mar 11, 2003.

  1. huum im not realy sure if theres bugs or not but just incase i need to know how to get rid of them i have noticed little holes on my leaves and the other night i was useing my little microscope on my plants to check for bugs and i seen a tiny almost microscopic red bug i think im not sure tho? but it looked like it was moveing under the scope and i realy dont want to lose my plants due to something i can handle i just need to know what to do to get rid of these thing without hurting my plants the plants r 38 days old and covered in new growth everywhere they r realy bushy and im lowering my light and hour a day till i go 12/12 1 plant is 13inch tall and the others r 9 1/2inch 9inch and almost 10inch i want to get rid of this problem this is my 3rd attemt to grow and so far everything is going great never been better but i need to correct this problem befor it gets worse plz help me i will be graitful for anyone who knows about bug problems to help
  2. You have mites. Put a drop of dish soap in a spray bottle full of water and lightly mist the plants.
  3. yepp..spider mites, evil basterds

    follow clone's advice, just be careful how much soap ya add
  4. I'd like to add that I would stay away from those "high falootin" anti-bacterial soaps, they may damage your babys.
  5. what kinda dish soap should i go for?and only 1 drop of it goes in the water bottle right?and should i mist off the plants with normal water after i kill the mites and if so when should i do it?
    thank you
  6. joy dish soap is what we use

    and a tablespoon full in a quart of water

    every 3-4 days...even if u dont see them...for a good while...maybe at least a month

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