i think i have a potential problem

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  1. sex is dead for me lol seriously i dont enjoy sex or blowjobs i dont have a problem getting an erection but i just dont find pleasure in it anymore is this just my body maturing or something? since im turning 21 soon could this be a response from my body that i have a fetish im not aware of yet that pleasures me? i know im not gay i love titties and asses on women and i do love eating that pussy but my dick itself is being... difficult? idk man anyone got any advice or gone through this before? i was pounding my girl in a bunch of different positions last night and i ended up just giving up and told her i'll jack off while i eat her out. she gave me a questioning face which i quickly wrapped up by saying i wanted to finish while she was climaxing one more time.

    oh and a blowjob feels awesome but not "im cumming" awesome more of a "keep that up while i watch tv" awesome
  2. Have you slept with anyone else before?
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    college. lol like any other teenager i thought i was a sex god haha so yea you think i just burned out?

    ps. what kind of city are you building? just curious
  4. what in the flying fuck does that even mean?

    does not compute.
  5. it means sex is boring and doesnt cut it anymore im asking if anyone has gone through this before or has anything helpful to share
  6. I king of going through a similar patch mate. I'm on anti-depressants that have been playing havoc with my dick lately though so I'm not enjoying it. My gf always wants it but I'm feeling more put off by the idea of it than looking forward to it.

    It's shit. I'm only 19 man and I think some of it is to do with how much she gets on my tits sometimes. Fuck, feelsbadman.
  7. maybe you need to bang somebody else? :confused_2:
  8. oh man dude i heard antis make you feel emotionless or "happy" but totally kill your sex drive i recently had an experience with albert hofman maybe thats what killed my sexual pleasure now that i think about it... maybe.. man i dunno.. then again thats why i posted this
  9. OMG! u have a midget fetish!
  10. nahh def not into midgets lol..

  11. I agree have you thought about fucking someone else? Maybe the college person unless it was bad then that won't help hahaha
  12. One of the few things I haven't tried and have no desire to try.

    OP, have the two of you experimented with some costumes or role play? If not that can really liven things up.
  13. Ur prob just thinking about it too much just relax n tell your girlfriend if ur not in the mood she should understand maybe if you relax ye might enjoy hope that helped
  14. I'd guess something in your diet's changed or you're just not into her anymore and your dick found out before your brain.

    exercise more and stuff....and tell her to do some freaky shit...chicks love to get dressed up if they see that you like it.
  15. Lay off of sex for a few weeks? I bet you'll be into it then

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