I Think I Got Ripped... Aaarghhhh

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by dragoon990, Jan 13, 2003.

  1. about 2 months ago, when i first started thinkin about growin, i found a site on the net that a buddy SWORE by.. http://www.emeryseeds.com/ but i ordered like 30 seeds from here for around 250 bone, (supposedly GOOD shit) and havent heard nething from em, much less RECIEVED nething from em.. FOOOK!! this sux.. ne1 got ne ideas or suggestions?
  2. try www.seedsdirect.co.uk they have a very good reputation, they also send you free seeds with your order.......Peace out...Sid
  3. heh, thx for tha advice.. but i just got a REALLL good hookup.. lol, can you say 22 mazar feminized seeds for less than 50 bone canadian?? :D:D:D i love it... hey, if ne1 wants in on this.. just ask me where and ill point you in the right direction... ma man mcurry! i GUARANTEE IT.. once you find out about this deal you WONT turn back.. lol, its insane.. i wouldnt EVER have believed i could hook up with something like that for less than 600 dollars..

  4. yeah i 2nd seeds direct or you could try Dr Chronic , hes very low profile but cool and reliable

    *link deleted by mod*

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