i think i got bitten

Discussion in 'General' started by Magick, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. by some sort of insect. on my upper part of my leg theres 4 marks, if u drew lines to the ones opposite of eachother it would be a cross. by my knee a sorta rash popped up and is getting bigger. My leg is tender compared to the other one which is firm. and this is my dominant leg also. everytime anything, i mean anything, rubs it, it hurts like a bitch. walking around hurts cus my skin moves in my legs. my shorts rubbing against it also hurts like a bitch. the muscle is really weak and burns when i put pressure on it. cant go anyfaster then a fast limp. goin to the doctor tomorrow. I got a school tennis tournament thursday also, shit. hopefully my leg wont fall off or turn black n blue. that would suck.
  2. Did you get an erection?

    Whats it look like? ... the bite?
  3. like 4 dots each on the tip of a cross, thats all
  4. my dads starting to think it may be shingles, shit
  5. go to the doctor

    /end thread

  6. ok now /end thread thats one badass mother fuckin spider
  7. Thats right. If you live in an area where Brown recluse spiders may inhabit, I suggest you go to a doctor, right away.
  8. If you got bit by a brown recluse, you're fucked. Seriously.
  9. I think he wouldn't be posting this if he got bitten by a brown recluse.
  10. Prolly not a brown recluse, but it still could be some sort of spider bite.

    Maybe by this asshole..
  11. I live in Texas and im pretty sure it wasnt a big spider like that, i was under my covers and i was bit at the top of my leg by the pelvis. now some random rashes are comin up on my leg. but the more i look at the 4 dots, theres a small hole with a scab forming over each of the dots. man lets just wait for the doctor i dont wanna keep thinking about what kind of spider bit me -_-
  12. i hear ya, spiders are fucking nasty. i HATE spiders so much.

    id say go let the doc do the work, and see whats up. no point in getting yourself all worked up for maybe nothing.
  13. just read this

    Bites usually become painful and itchy within 2 to 8 hours, pain and other local effects worsen 12 to 36 hours after the bite with the necrosis developing over the next few days.

    its been about 3 days and my leg isnt decaying so its prolly not a brown recluse
  14. Dude, dont mean to scare ya, but different people react differently to brown recluse bites. I heard this on discovery
  15. mannnnnnnn that sucks

    the length between the holes is about the length of the top third of ur finger. and if i did get bit, i got bit twice then -_-
  16. I hear unless you get bit on extremities, you'll have a high recovery rate, and possibly low scar rate. Id go to the doctor now. There poison is nasty.

    At least it wasn't a finger or toe. they sometimes have to do repeat surgery to get all of the infection that the poison causes. when its on your toe, or finger, i saw on discovery that amputation is something that COULD be necessary in like, a worse case scenario.

    Donno, just try reading up on it. GO TO THE DOC asap. maybe the hospital so you can get the poison out faster?

    the way you described it, it sounds like a recluse. but who the hell am i to judge? im not a spider expert.

    I know that the more serious spiders have a really painful bite, and abdominal pain too. Brown recluse isn't a very painful bite, but its pretty destructive.

    Just go to the doctor man
  17. im goin to the doctor in an hour. i got a fucking metal cd holder and im ready for that bitch brown recluse to attack my dog. im pretty sure i got bit because i read that the live under sheets, and my mom put a sheet that like is so loose it came off that night and my leg was on the matress the whole night*. should i look under the sheets? fuck im scared now lol will it attack me

    well checked nothin there. guess the dog can come back in.
  18. There really skiddish spiders. Usually, they only bite if you fuck with them, or while your sleeping, roll over on it, or intimidate it.

    I have a solution.

    Get Dust Off, and get a lil bit longer of a spraying utensil.

    Flip that shit upside down, it freezes everything within about a foot.

    I really hate spiders, like really hate them.

    So, if you see it, flip your dust off upside down, point and soak it in the freezing material.

    I thought the spider i did it too would get away, the wolf spider is fast as fuck. was a big one i had been trying to kill.

    Shit worked great. It sprays in a radius so wide that even if it tried to get away, it was inevitable it was going to be frozen. and disposed of.

    I think my little invention could take off haha.
  19. lol thats a good idea go patton that shit. Bliz-NATI Spider Freezer ftw

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