I think i fucked up my seedling

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  1. okay so I had got some og kush seeds from a friend of mine . 2 of them actually sprouted so about 4 weeks in and I decided to transplant and one of the seedlings didn't come out of the cup. I tapped the sides and soil went everywhere when I tried pulling it out. I then got frustrated and pulled carfully on the stem and I heard a slight pop noise and the whole plant came out (roots and all). I think I totally fucked up my plant. I took the whole plant and put it into a bigger pot and tried my best to cover it back up with soil again and now im just not sure if it will even grow now. note this is my first grow and am very inexperienced so nice comments would be appreciated

  2. Youd be surprised it may recover. Give her time brother.
  3. it may recover it it was all intact, next time dont transplant so early.
  4. lol my biggest one made that same sound on first transplant first time doing and shes like 8x bigger since then so might recover altough it depends on strain northern lights are said to be forgiving for newbies like us but keep going she/he might surprise you , good luck
  5. oh btw before transplanted i took a knife probly stupid and put it through around the solo cup before pulling on the stem dont follow my advice unless told its safe lol but worked better for my 2nd plant no rip and crunch lol
  6. Just give it time. I transplanted a seedling WAY too early and was super high and I popped her out of the cup and half the soil fell away, then I dropped the whole thing. I had to unbury it. It was just a tiny thing with all the soil knocked away from the roots. I tried to carefully rebury her. I could have swore I killed it. Wasn't happy for a couple days but she pulled through after like 3-4 days. :bongin:

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    If its in a solo cup kind of gently roll in in your fingers to loosen the cup from the root ball. If that doesn't work carefully cut the side of the cup with a razor blade. As far as this one goes, I would just wait and see, you never know it may be just fine.

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