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I think i found a cure for munchies

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DarkDraco, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. As most know, the worst side effect is having munchies. This can be bad if you are trying to watch your weight or lose weight. Has anyone thought of using African Mango as the counter for this?
    Its the only thing found that can control the leptin your body makes that lets your brain know if you have food.
    I came across this searching for how sugar can make you fat.
    after reading that, i looked into finding some sort of leptin supplement and came across the african mango which is all natural
    let me know what you think. im going to give this a shot

  2. Or some good old fashion willpower.
  3. I've found that filling up on water also helps with the hunger pangs.
  4. I found my cure a looooong time ago. I just ate something.
  5. A nice meal before I vape/smoke always helps me with the munchies that way I'm less temped to prey on chocolate and crisps.
    Even a bowl of cereal like Ricicles does the job and is of course delicious.
  6. sometimes i can control it but ive had a time or 2 where i just ate and ate till i felt like throwing up and i was actually still hungry >.<
    rarely but it has happened. i should of noted the strain lol
  7. eat celery it is negative calories
    eat it with a fuckload of ranch or peanut butter tho hehe positive calories
  8. I live live having the munchies

  9. If you don't have much in the fridge that solves your problem doesn't it? haha
  10. Who said eating was bad for your weight? Healthy snacks do exist!
  11. i usally just have somthing small right before i smoke then i have water during the time i smoke and i don't really get the munchies anymore
  12. I eat peaches when the munchies come, sweet and delish
  13. I never get the munchies weird huh
  14. i found a cure too!
    it's called self control!
  15. Chocolate milk and pizza works for me pretty well. Chocolate milk helps tons with cotton mouth
  16. How to cure munchies under 4 bucks
    1)go to mcdonalds
    2) order double cheese burger and mc chicken with a drink for a dollar eight,
    3)put mc chicken between the double cheese burger.
    4) eat the mc gangbang and repeat until your full.
  17. I don't get munchies anymore  :smoke:  :yay:
  18. In my experience drinking a lot of water definitely helps but makes it worse in the next 10-20 minutes lol.
    I actually like to drink more water if I want to eat more that day(bodybuilder). 
    Cure for munchies is food and nothing else. 
  19. Yes, the cure for munchies is self-control.
    But, even if you're full or can resist eating, the feeling alone can be annoying.
    OP, please let us know if it works.
  20. Perhaps munching on some chewing gum would help

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