I think i finally got through 9 years after the fact....

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    well today i went and hung out with my momma(yes ima a mommas boy big whoop wanna fight about it?)and were talking and i said "yea know to be completely honest the biggest reason i smoked pot during highschool so much is because i would have people tell me not to and its bad, if that wouldnt of happened i would of probably just experimented and got my fun out of the way.." and then she says "yeah i should of just let you because every teenager does, and i see know what you mean by being controlled and told what not to do.."

    and this shocked me the most well ill LSS this my moms having some money issues and to be honest buying a 40K vehicle hasnt helped any anyways she said that if i had some pot on me she would probably smoke it and i was just like :rolleyes:
  2. Dude, I totally wanna smoke with my parents.

    I think it would be very cool.

  3. I would maybe with my mom but it would be weird at first i think...and my step dad i totally would haha he never got onto me when i was a kid about it i think he secretly does smoke now cause i saw him a couple days ago and his eyes were beat red and low as shit i was like yeah man thats whats up...
  4. Ahaha, right on!

    My parents are ex hippies. Used to smoke, sell, and all the other things hippies did in the 60's.

    But I'm sure it would take a miracle to smoke with them now.

  5. thats how my step fathers parents are they are so badass!! i love going up there cause they live way way out in the country on 180 acres and they dont give a shit that i smoke up there as long as they dont see it its just so awesome and they got a personal pond well kinda like a small lake its so fucking great!!!
  6. Big whoop wanna fight about it? Hahahaha I forgot what that's from, but that made me geek. I needed that.
  7. ^^^^ the short ginger in family guy
  8. his name is Paddy

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  9. i smoked with my dad a few times he just found out i smoked. this is the same man that told me if i smoked anything he would kill me lol
  10. I used to get blazed with my friend and his father, who had a co-operative grow operation. I don't know man, it was a little too much.

  11. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sR62WFl5Cv0]Family Guy Kenneth the Badass - YouTube[/ame]

    Replace Kenneth with Paddy:D

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