I think I finally found a connect FINALLY!....

Discussion in 'General' started by 420Juggalo610, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. This dude's in my biology class he's kind of the college class clown/ass clown (those that go to college know the types im talking about). I helped him get to the teacher's home page to copy the powrpoints and out of no where he asks if I smoke bud and I said yeah then told him my sad story about not having a connect. Then he's says I sell bud I was like holy shit :O. He said I couldn't tell cuz he's "low key" in class and could tell I smoke cuz of my beard O.O, so he then shows me various strands from his phone and its some good looking dank shit. Gonna buy an 8th from him for $60 on Monday :D. So the lesson is dont laugh or look down on someone cuz you never know who's who and when you might need them.

    Anybody else met their coneects in college?
  2. Good luck with that connect man, I can't believe it has taken you this long to find a connect in college!
  3. Right thanks I been there since '09 fuckin crazy
  4. holy shit that took u forever, u must be super shy or something. When i first got to college all the bud smokin kids would be smokin cigs or wandering around campus and wed always chat and shit. lots a people meet their connects in college, it seems like every year i get old the cheaper my weeds and other things get. haha. movin on upppp

    it might be b/c ur a juggalo and now they are a gang so no one wants to give u weed.

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