I think I developed bronchitis

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  1. I wasnt much of a cougher when I smoked till a few weeks a go. I developed coughing whenever holding in hits for a long time, white foamy mucus (sometimes green, orange, or brown) every few minutes, weird pain in my lungs (feels better when I cough and mucus comes out), and clogged up nose which expels loads of slimy stuff. I also feel slightly empty nowadays. When I smoke ciggerettes though, it helps cease down the mucus feeling in my throat. Now according to sources, people have told me it could be bronchitis. Now I dont like this feeling at all, having to deal with this whole mucus shit is annoying and disgusting... Uncomfortable too. If I slow down my smoking, do you think this will stop or am I stuck with this? I am not going to the doctor for this btw. I am also an avid weed/cig smoker. So is this bronchitis? And whats the fastest way to stop this? I feel like my lungs are full with mucus...
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    I'm basically in the same position as you are, although I quit smoking 3 months ago, I've been smoking weed daily since though. I understand where you're coming from by saying the cigs help with the mucus, but those little white pimps can fool you. People often experience more coughing and mucus production when they quit, because that's when the body is repairing the damage, every time you light up another bone you're only hindering your bodys will to repair itself.
  3. Can I ask how long it took you to break out of brochitis? and did slowing down smoking help at all? or do I have to stop completely? I also get itchy feelings in my lungs
  4. So its been three months and your still experiencing this?

  5. Quitting has significantly improved my breathing, circulation, concentration among a ton of other things. Although I'm not immune to bronchitis, I suggest you quit smoking both cigs and weed, give yourself time to recover.

    When I first quit smoking, I did that. And at the time it was the best I had felt in years. During my second quit(current one), I've been smoking weed as a substitute for tobacco, and I've experienced respiratory issues more often. If you're not comfortable with giving up smoking weed, I would suggest a vaporizer.
  6. Im not 100% positive but I think that might be bronchitis my friend had it but Im not sure so don't quote me on that. Oh yeah and I hope you get better. :wave::hippie:
  7. Unless you quit smoking cigs I don't think you'll be 100%.
  8. In my opinion, he won't be 100% unless he quits smoking both weed and tobacco simultaneously. Although he can resume smoking weed after his lungs had time to heal.
  9. Fuck I have similar symptoms.
    Question: Don't pretty much all smokers experience breathing problems?
    I mean aren't breathing problems just a side effect of smoking?
    Because I have mild breathing problems, a stuffy nose, and kind of an anxious feeling in my chest.

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