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I Think I Bought Fake Weed? D:

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xstonerxx, May 24, 2013.

  1. i have never posted in a forum in my life so i really have no idea what im doing... but i have a question .. :)
    so i just bought some weed from a dealer that ive used three times before and he always gives me really good shit for good prices .. but today i gave him 40 and he said hed bring me 2.5g which is really shitty but since hed always been reliable i let it slide but i bought from him today and he gave me some super light green shit that doesn't smell like weed at all and and its not in a bud form at all. did i just get totally ripped off? this is it...
    thanks everyone :D

    p.s- ive never posted in a forum but whenever i google questions about bud this site always comes up so i figured I'd try it sorry if im doing something completely wrong. :)
  2. that aint bud bro... kick his ass
  3. bahaha wtf is that? smoke it and find out buddy! u never know, it might be some special stuff for that price. 

    and maybe next time, ask him "wtf is this?" before u throw ur money at him haha. in all honesty though, good luck pal
  4. #4 A Rational Psychopath, May 24, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: May 24, 2013
    Who sold it to you? I want to shake his hand.
  5. should i text him and say something? i texted him and said "what is that" and he didnt reply ..
  6. I'm sure it was all one big misunderstanding. Continue purchasing marijuana from this man.
  7. it's weed it's just not bud, and it's really shitty, and doesn't even look dried much less cured.
    what he sold you is worth nothing.
    After your last post basically stating that you admire this crooked dealer, why would he take any advice from you? ;P
  9. Why not swindle those inferior to yourself?
  10. I really hope you're trolling him. :rolleyes:
    Even most children know better than to act on that level of douchery. :smoke:
  11. Stop buying from him and it will be smashing
  12. I wouldn't waste my time interacting with people that stupid. However, I laugh when people that do can actually turn a profit.
    Oh my... I think I have a new favourite idol to look up to. That is the greatest picture I have ever seen.
  14. [​IMG]
    Stop buying from this dude lol. 
  15. Lol! Why would you even give him money for that?! Should have just kicked him in the shins. [:
  16. no no no, that is definately weed, and its aight weed. it is not 2.5 tho.
  17. no, thats weed, just not fully developed weed "veal" of the weed world
  18. it doesnt smell like weed tho it smells like one of those weird good smelling plants.. O.O plus he put super tiny bits of really dank weed in it .. i figured it was he thought i wouldnt notice it ..? did that make sense?
    im really stoned sorry
    thanks everyone for the help :)
  19. That does not appear to be weed but honestly that is probably some of the most believable pseudo weed I have seen. 

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