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  1. I always thought subliminal messages on TV were all bullshit, until today. I woke up and watched the news as usual, and everything seemed normal. During a commercial, my tv froze for what seemed like a milisecond, and i couldnt quite make out what it said. There was a large black screen with white letter across it. I wish i could have just processed what it said. Wow, i need a bowl.:eek:

    Does anyone else belive in subliminal messages in entertainment?
  2. Yvan eht nioj
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  3. Yeah. Probably more product pushing and subliminal propaganda than anything else.
  4. You know what, I was watching something the other day, VERY stoned,and I coulda swore the screen did the same thing, but with like a pic of a hot chick or something. Then I was all horny and thinking about this commercial and the company who made it (the REASON they sue subliminal messaging) I wish I could remember the commercial, or the company, or what it was about though :( Hahaha. What a trip though. I kept thinking "Im going to remember this commercial so i can ask my friends if they randomly got turned on by a commercial with nothing sex related. haha, of course... i forgot :p
  5. LOL
    this one time i was watching an infomercial about water coolers and people who use them (dont ask i was stoned) and after i felt like a cigarette
    thats some straaange shit right there, like who makes a movie about water coolers anyways
  6. I think it's been proved that subliminal messaging only works in a labratory setting.

    idk though
  7. There was this show... some kinda science show where they did a test on subliminal messages, whered they flash something randomly during the show that would say something like itch your nose or something, but it was way too fast to even see what it said, it was like a flicker... and then your nose would itch. shit like that... creeepy.

  8. hah I haven't seen that episode since I was little.
  9. Yeah I believe. TV is bad for you, in the most literal sense. Ditto the newspapers (specifically tabloids). I had found a really interesting article on how newspapers pick their articles in relation to 'spin'. Really quite scary.
  10. you may have cataracts
  11. I don't know what to think about sub. messaging, something tells me it's bull but who knows. I did hear that in the movie the Exorcist they used sub. messages in the form of gruesome and gory imgs. involving dead priests all in the hope to make it more scary. This is probably just bull shit though.
  12. theres a clip on youtube of some guy who tivo'd the cooking network and right before the show came back, a single frame shot was shown when he slowed it down of the mcdonalds arches....

    im too lazy/high to go looking on youtube but just search if you are interested
  13. The movie Fight Club has subliminal images, not messeges really, in various points. You can catch them sometimes. I dont think television stations are allowed to ad subliminal messeges to their broadcasting anymore; its outlawed. Im sure some stations get away with it form time to time though.
  14. :hello:

    As for subliminal messages, the mass of American population is to stupid for subliminal messages...that's why our commercials are flashy and full of colors and make us believe the product is the "best in the world."
  15. i studied subliminal advertising in marketing and it's shown that it's not an effective way to advertise at all.. u can read up on studies done on it if you are interested
  16. well, technically subliminal messageing in tv with both images and sound is illegal, but i have too seen an image pop upvery very quickly in between a commercial. ne time i saw the mcdonalds sign for like 1 ms while watching tv. im sure it happens, and im sure some of it is to do with the way they edit comercial reels, but i wouldnt be surprised if its slipped in a few comercials here and there.
  17. the huge ass cock at the end! ahahahah

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