I think i ate too many brownies.

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  1. I was just over at my friends house, and he had made some dank pot brownies. He cut them up in huge chunks and gave three to me. At the time i was just like fuck it it's not that much and i scarfed them down.

    I just took my friend home and now it's time to watch the gods and goddesses movie, i can't decide which one i want to watch..

    But my friend just texted me and asked me if i got to see the brownies and he said "oh shit you ate 3?"( he took a piece off the pan and he passed out.) at least that's what he said.) But he's kind of a pussy.

    Anyway, i'm sitting here typing this and i feel it coming on. I'm just going to relax and watch a good movie but i hope not to freak out. Any suggestions on what to do if i find that i ate too much?

    He made a pan of 60 brownies and i took three huge (half napkin sized) pieces.

    (He said they used dank canna butter to make them)

    I'm a little worried i'm going to freak if it comes on too strong or something.

    But my friend just made me paranoid, I do feel them coming on and i'm at the point of heart palpations and realization.

    So any techniques to calm down would be much appreciated.

    :smoking: Have a good night guys.
  2. You dun fucked up
  3. You'll be fine, just super chopped
  4. Just relax and ride it out. Nothing to freak out about just get comfy and if you start feeling panicky rember in a little bit itll all be over. Thats what i do i just rember that its not forever and i ride it out.
  5. awwwhh shit....just be safe
  6. ^^I'm cloud 9 right now man.
  7. Just remember its only weed and you won't be harmed. Relax enjoy the movie and think positive thoughts. Edibles can be great with the right mindset! You'll be fine bro trust me! Just remember you'll be fine after your great high
  8. Shit. Alright you are gonna need some fresh underwear and socks. You got a seatbelt on your couch right? Fasten it. When the goblins come just read this spell aloud

    ∂ƒƒÂ©ÃŸÂ®ƒÂ¬ˆ∆ßå ≈Ωçß∂∫

    You should make it through the night.
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  9. turn the lights low and put on pink floyd or whatever music u like and just sit and enjoy for a while....
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  10. Sounds like a lot of fun to me :smoking:
  11. Just remember pot is good for you and no one has ever ODed. You can always take deep breaths in the nose and out the mouth. You could eat and/or take a hot shower too.

    Good luck and enjoy! Keep us posted.
  12. You will most likely pass out so it shouldn't be too scary.
  13. Awwww shit. I got excited reading your post. Enjoy every last bit of it :):)
  14. You guys ever feel like dogs are just walking alarm systems?
  15. I ate too many brownies once... I realized that 45 minutes into my hockey practice
  16. This part made me lol.
  17. You're gonna be so high lol, keep us updated
  18. Last time I ate some brownies with my wife I had to call the emergency services, because I thought we were dead.
  19. ride it out, maaaaan.
  20. Welcome to the internet, glad you enjoyed that little video with the cop freaking out. Stay a while and explore, we've got planes, trains and so much more.

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