I Think I am Fucked in the Head

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  1. When my friends ask me to do things I never jump to say "yes."

    I always rationalize how I could enjoy my own company more.

    1) I won't have to give weed to anyone/smoke anyone up.
    2) I have just as much fun playing videogames in my room.
    3) I could be working out.
    4) I could be reading a book and accumulating more knowledge.
    5) I could be expanding my music libraries.

    I find socializing boring and pointless unless I am with a lady friend, then it is exciting.

    I get tired of getting drunk and playing Fifa or NHL all the fucking time with my guy friends.

    Plus, they are boring and have nothing interesting to say most of the time.

  2. Guess I'm pretty fucked in the head too then. But I think we all are to some extent. You're an introvert, nothing wrong with that. Or perhaps you just have the wrong friends. Who knows, but I wouldn't stress. Just do you :smoke:
  3. find better friends?
  4. Yea definitely cuz im fucked in the head too.
  5. Some people are boring. And sometimes its better to be alone than to be with boring people. I agree with you, I'm the same way.
  6. All about the company you keep. My childhood friends and I parted ways completly arpind tenth grade. Had no friends till I was 20 meet one dude after 4 years chill enough to call a friend and I wouldnt mind having a brew and socializing with
  7. Push yourself forward. Stop thinking and start doing.
  8. It's alright to want to be alone sometimes
  9. im an introvert also. I like hanging with my friends once or twice a week. Usually all we do is smoke and eat. But i feel really bad when i lie to them because i dont feel like chilling. Another thing that keeps me from chilling is the paranoia of coming home high and my parents knowing
  10. Smoking weed and working out dont go together well
  11. Maybe for you. I definitely get the best workouts in if I'm high.
  12. your probably just around them to much. . or your just anti social as fuck i dunno. lol
  13. nah not fucked up. id rather be doing something boring with someone fun than something fun with someone whos boring.
  14. If you arnt a danger to yourself or others then theres nothing wrong with you. Everyone is different.
  15. INFJ here. Nothing wrong with it, in fact at the very moment I am sitting here at home because I didn't feel like going to the gym to workout with my friend. Peace and silence is underrated, my friend. :smoking:
  16. I approve of this message.
  17. I love getting out and socializing with others, however turning off my phone, getting comfy, smoking bud, and watching a movie alone is pure bliss after a long week.
  18. sounds a bit like me, minus the fact that i like smoking with other people occasionally. i'd say you just like being alone, which is cool. i hate leaving my house, i'm a hermit.
  19. Yeah, most of life is going to consist of doing shit you don't want to do anyway. Might as well hang out with those buds you do have before you hit the job world and become a zombie.
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    People fucking suck dude.

    But then there are people who I can't stand to be away from.

    I like people, don't get me wrong. I like talking to them, playing with them, having sex with them, enjoying media together, etc etc etc.

    However, most times we are never doing something exciting, it is just the same old boring shit.

    And I am too exciting for that. Or at least I want to be more exciting.

    Also: fuck sleeping over at kids houses. fuck that noise. i want to sleep in my own bed.

    Also: working out high is my shit. I feel like a pure animal.

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