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  1. Not that it matters and this post is somewhat petty by nature but I wanted to inform everyone who may have interacted with the old Cannabis Plants (whose account was hacked and locked out by his ex after she posted slander) that I have my kids back in my custody and my soon to be ex wife has trashed her entire life and is living in a shit hole with some loser already. I don’t mean to trash on her because she’s still the mother of my children (at least this is anonymous anyway) but to all of you who may have believed her BS *cough asshole cough* this post is me saying “I told you so….”

    attn: RMJL please delete the old account and leave this new one. She had one of my recovery emails so that’s why I ended up getting locked out again and I’ve lost access to that old email entirely now.
  2. a right of passage for many... IMO pm admin to close ya old account

    welcome back
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  3. Getting married ruined my life, biggest mistake I made. Wasted the 21 years I was married and the 11 yeas since then...
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  4. Shit ain’t fun… I tried to help that woman but she refuses to help herself and is committed to self destruction. Only reasonable thing to do now is let go and hope she can get help elsewhere… I’ve failed for over a decade and shoulda let go a long time ago before shit got this bad but my optimism fooled me.

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