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I think hash oil cured my infertility and healed endometriosis

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by fancypantsgrows, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Hi all

    I am fairly new to these boards. Recently moved to a mmj state after years of living undercover smoking pot. Now I can finally talk about my experiences openly and honestly and people don't look down on me. The reason for this post is I am 95 percent sure that hash oil cured my infertility, it also was the only thing I have found that relieved my pain from stage IV endometriosis. I want to share my experience with other women going through the emotional and physical pain of endo and polycystic ovarian disorder and let them know how grateful I am for finally finding something that works.

    I was diagnosed with endometriosis over 12 years ago, when I was married (failed marriage) we tried relentlessly for a child. My tubes and ovaries were suffocated with scar tissue and it resulted in one tube completely twisted and unusable. We eventually gave up after 3 rounds of IVF. Fast forward through a divorce, numerous boyfriends, etc. I met a man who I will call the cook and we had immediate chemistry. he cooked hash oil, the best I have been told. I had never used the stuff, it was very foreign to me and looked like something an addict would do, but being that I had used marijuana for years and had never had an ill effect I decided to give the cook the benefit of the doubt and try his oil. Let me be directly honest here and say I WAS NOT READY FOR THE EFFECTS! I literally threw up and shit at the same time. It was totally awkward and really uncomfortable for both of us. It was as high as I had ever been, pure THC and I wasn't ready for it. I had smoked some of the best cannabis on earth and could not handle this. After my incident of sickness and the sweats the cook laid me down and attended to me very lovingly and told me about cancer patients he has that had gone through the same thing and that my body wasn't just high but was actually going through an intense detox, and man I could feel it!! I spent the rest of the night with the cook watching over me while I slept and experienced what I can only explain as God and the universe showing me all it's divine bliss. The next morning I felt incredible, absolutely incredible. I had a hunger for good food and healthy meals. My energy level was sky high, my diabetes was not a problem all day and for weeks after. I couldn't believe the difference in my body. The cook gave me 2 grams and instructions for smoking or ingesting and went on his way to his mmj state. I was left alone to my own devices and scared to do it alone again but I bucked up and smoked a drop, then 2 and then 3. I was high sure, but I was also free of pain I had experienced for years. I never got sick again but did get the sweats. I continued to use the oil for approximately a month until I ran out.

    The cook came back to visit and we had in the past month talked for hours a day on the phone, something neither of us had done with anyone before. I can honestly say I was in love with the man and I know he wanted something so I invited him back to visit. He was on a plane that evening and lets just say we hit it off right for approx 2 months. I didn't even think of birth control because of my infertility and struggle in the past but had I known how potent the oil was I would have made other arrangements because I became pregnant! Not only did I become pregnant but the infertility doctor I had when I was married was the first to get the news and he immediately had me in the office. They did an ultrasound and could not believe it, I was 5 perfect weeks of a pregnant with a miracle child. The embryo made it safely through the twists and turns of scar tissue clogged fallopian tubes and implanted in the perfect spot in my uterus. They asked me what I had been doing and I told them, he couldn't believe it and said he wanted to know more and how do you make it and where do I get it etc.

    So now I am 8 months along, totally happy, still in love, moved to the cook's mmj state where I watch him cook for sick patients and help them tremendously and I want every women to know that this miracle I have experienced came from a simple but miraculous plant.

    Please share with the women in your life that might be having issues with fertility or menstrual problems, it's more common now than ever and we all need loving support and alternative options to our healthcare. I feel truly blessed and can't wait to meet my miracle!
  2. Did a search for smoking oil and did not expect to find this. WOW!
  3. Wow I can't believe nobody ever replied to this thread. This story is great
  4. This is pretty
  5. That is something is really like to try.
  6. this is why cannabis needs to be thoroughly researched and legalized. So many miracles come from the plant's effects, it's phenomenal that people still look at it in a negative way. Marijuana IMO is undoubtedly the most versatile plant on this earth.
  7. Anyone interrested in what hemp oil and what it can cure should watch
    rick simpsons documentary called run from the cure , you can find it on
    you tube oed hia site " or. Org
  8. Dr. William Courtney's wife Kristen had severe endometriosis and problems with her fallopian tubes also. Three doctors recommended removing her uteris and told her she was sterile and would never have a child...not to mention that she was told she would not likely live to see thirty...she is 32 now.

    Enter juicing cannabis....they now have a three year old and a 11 month old.
  9. i'm in the same seat as your cook. i have given a few grams here and there of high grade hash oil to fellow medical patients and so far have not heard a negative review. i had a few people put it on skin cancer and the cancer went away. i'm glad to hear that it worked for you, and that your doctor was actually interested. i have met 2 doctors actually willing to discuss possibilities for cannabis being a good medicine. all the others say it's a plant, but where did all your other medications start from? plants.
    spread your story more than just on here, not everyone looks on here because it is not a site that is "used" as a medical marijuana site. thats what its here for but most are not med patients and just want to grow and sell, from exp i know this. i am here and haven't been the most active member but thats mainly because there isn't a research forum. theres a lot about how to grow, and how to grow in massive bulk (the side that uses the site but aren't med patients), then theres the side that is how to grow the most dank possible bud at any cost to yield because we arn't selling it(personal use med patients). its a great site but for sure divided between recreational(majority) and mmj patients that need it(1%-20%) its somewhere in that range for this site.

    There should be an area where medical applications should be addressed, not in the regular forum kind of way, that can be abused by the masses. but a way that allows information to actually trickle to the top and organization for it all. not just a topic research and then a bunch of posts. a topic research with many many many many many many many many many many sub topic forums so that research can actually be done legitly and it will pull out the majority of recreational users to just the growing and usage threads, not the medical research threads, then we should have a majority of med patients looking to get healthy and willing to post results and some recreationals that are interested in the health benefits because they didn't know about. face it, the people on here that are here for yield and blazing all the time, they want to get high, not healthy.

    i'm not trying to thread jack so...
    i gave some oil to a very close medical buddy of mine, he had just been diagnosed with skin cancer and was going to have surgery later in the week. i told him to apply some under a bandage and it worked flawlessly. he pulled it off 4 days later and could not find the cancer bump, neither could the doc, operation canceled due to no cancer.

    after making pheonix tears myself for some time now, it has become obvious that either rick leaves info out on purpose or he is an old nut that found something that works. he didn't go through any research to find out if trim or bud should be used, he really just looks at it and says i want it as pure as possible, not i want as many cannabinoids as possible. i tried all his meathods and alcohol has remained my favorite.

    Rick simpsons "favorite" way to make phoenix tears is to use VM&P naphtha. well he also says to use water during the boil. now let me poke holes into his old man syndrome and the mental injury that led him to discover phoenix tears. VM&P naphtha contains light naphtha and heavy naphtha, heavy naphtha boils around 260 deg F where i am(i tested it) and water boils at about 200(again tested) light naphtha boils around 150 deg F. simpson says to use VM&P which is both, he then says near the end of the boil to add a cap full of water........ BAD IDEA YOU WILL LOSE ALL OIL IF YOU HAVE HEAVY NAPHTHA AT ALL. it explodes man. if you use naphtha make sure its light naphtha, and trim you can use with naphtha, its a terrible solvent and misses almost everything. so i boiled my herb on its 3rd flush of naphtha at 250 deg f for 10 min, then i pulled it off strained it, and got my oil and bud. just as an experiment i dried to bud for close to 7 days then vaccuum distilled it, boiled the herb in water for 30 min, then let it dry for a week. I discovered after this process, Heavy Naphtha=GASOLINE and it can't be removed and is terrible for you. why would rick simpson reccommend using gas to extract bud when it will always leave a residue. now the worst part, i smoked that bud that tasted like gas, and guess what... i got stoned as shit, i was high as a kite soaring above all the clouds. nothing was gone from the bud. alcohol on the other hand you can drink, lots of it. and the bud afterwards, takes 2 days to dry with no boiling water and will not get me high at all. i have smoked like 3 1g j's to my face of it and couldn't feel a thing. so what one gets cannabinoids and doesn't leave gas residue behind, alcohol. also rick simpson uses a rice cooker, thats good and all but really the danger associated with that is higher than he wants to admit, we all know what vapors of gasoline can do. well i've developed a meathod
    for boiling down alcohol or light naphtha(your gonna have to use your imagination, i'm in a hurry)
    get 2 jars of equal size, connect them with tubing and epoxy, let it dry or you get sediment floating in your alcohol. then fill one side up with your alcohol after it has been soaked in herb and strained and pressure seal the whole thing to 15-20 inhg. throw the alcohol one in boiling water and the other in ice water. this process is safer than it sounds. you will always be working in negative pressures, so nothing can explode. and if you alcohol jar did break it would go into the water and not be as flamable. you can also still get it if this happens(i spilled mine in my water jar, i actually want to repeat this process because the water pulled out 2 gs of this brown substance that you can smoke and not feel a thing. this process takes like a hr-2. but you recover all of the alcohol you used and it keeps it safe and non flamable. i love smoking while making hash oil for cancer. btw once the alcohol is raging boiling pressure might drop to -1inhg so still negative pressure, but under normal conditions i don't see it go above -5inhg. so always a vaccuum
  10. great read. I wish i found out about this bestfriend would be still here today :-/ but thats great that the cannibus has helped you!
  11. Thanks in gonna defiantly show this to my girl. We noticed free cannabis use she has gotten her stuff working better so let's she what she says to this.
  12. Hi, I suffer from endometriosis and I was wondering if you could tell me the dose... too bad wedd is so expensive here in Boston... also, what type of strand you use? Im desperate for something that works! Im doing holistic treatments that have mede me feel better but not completely!
  13. For those of you who can't afford to get the huge amount of cannabis needed to make RSO Rick's way, check out Shona Banda's Youtube "Live free or die" for how to make tiny amounts of solvent-free concentrate. :D

    Also another "small batch" method can be found here-

    And the ENDOMETRIOSIS section from the new 2013 List (see the bottom of my sig for your FREE copy! :yay:)

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    And congratulations on the baby! Parenthood is a blast!

    Granny [​IMG]
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    I'm 41 years old with an 11 year old child and 6 years confirmed Endo sufferer. I had a laparoscopy in 2007 which was when it was confirmed that I had Endo. For 2 years before that I suffered excruciatng pain every single month, for which I had to be rushed to emergency for a paikiller injection.
    For a few years after the lap, I lived a painfree life, with periods on time and manageable pain with OTC painkillers. Recently, I've begun having the same heaviness in the pelvic region and dull ache deep in my gut and groin area that I had in the begining of this desease.
    I was researching hemp's effect on Endo with respect to using hemp protein for weight loss, when I came accross this post, and I was speechless for a good few minutes. I cannot believe that something can help me! But I have been praying, and I know that Jesus heals, and he sends us cures. We want to have another child. Please can someone tell me where I can find this oil? And are hemp oils sold in health food stores, the ones that have very low to nil 'high' factor can also help me? Will something like this help ?
    I will be so grateful if someone could tell me more about how I could heal myself, dosage etc. I am in the Gulf region, so obtaining potent high inducing hemp is an impossibility. Can health food store hemp oil help?
    Thank you many times over!
    This is what Im talking about!!
    If only every citizen could harness the power of hash oil :'(
    Peace and POT!
  16. #16 NiaNia, Sep 3, 2013
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    I find it a bit strange that the original poster disappeared after one post.
    Peace and pot is great but obviously the OP had a shot of a high potency pot, which, in my understanding would mean high THC.
    Does anyone have any info on the Hemp oil sold in stores that have a very low THC and are designed to not show up in drug tests, if they work medicinally?
    I'd love to get the OP back to answer some questions.
    Many thanks!
  17. the hemp oil sold in stores is squeezed from the heart of the hemp seed and contains very little cannabinoids or THC but does have good omega 3 acids. cannabinoids that are in a high concentrate oil made from the flowers and leaves is better for the high concentration aspect. 
  18. Thank you Galaxy 420. I don't think I can ever have access to the real medicine then. Thank you for responding.
  19. @[member="fancypantsgrows"] FANTASTIC post. Congratulations and thank you for sharing.
    My mother in law is currently battling cancer and I would love to be able to convince her to try hash oil. As a medical patient, I have tried to show her the research as well as share my own personal experiences but she's simply not open to it. It's very frustrating when I read stories like this and know Cannabis could help so many people if they could get passed their prejudice and the stigma.

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