I think girl likes me not sure how to proceed.

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  1. I go to this japanese supermarket in my city a couple times a week (lots of asians in my city so there jap/chinese stores everywhere) to buy lunch. I get sushi and some fruit and a drink or whatever and I go up to this cashier to pay for it.

    The last couple times I went there this pretty cute japanese girl that works at one of the tills would obviously look and stare at me and smile so I went to her till to pay for my stuff and the last day I was there she was asking me questions like what kind of sushi I like and I aksed her some questions too and she told me she really likes sushi and I was like cool lol.

    anyways I just felt like she was being extra friendly with me but she is a cashier and I keep on thinking what fi she is just friendly with everyone and has conversations with everyone. but she was staring at me a couple times also when I was shopping that's why i went up to her till.

    oh and I don't know if it makes a difference but she definately wasn't born here in Canada she has an accent so i'm thinking maybe she is more a traditional japanese/ asian girl.

    not sure if that makes any difference in how I should proceed. I would like to ask her out maybe for coffee or sushi lol or whatever sometime but don't want tofreak her out.

    oh and i'm not "asian" i'm persian so i'm technically caucasian and I'm pretty white and to canadians here I look like some jew or italian,greek etc. or just "white". I don't know if that makes any difference at all. my asian friends tell me I have an advantage with asian girls over them because they like caucasian guys. but in my city I usually only see asian girls with asian guys....... the only asian girls I see with other races are the asian girls that are born here not the traditional asian girls. I assume their parents wouldn't be very happy dating another race.

    anyways how should I go about basically asking this girl out ? if I talk with her again and there is no on in her line should I just keep on talking with her and then be like hey want to go out for sushi or coffee or whatever sometime and then ask for her number? and how long should i wait? should I try and talk with her for some time and get to know her more before asking her out?

    i'm really confused how the "proper" is to ask a girl out. obviously you don't want to freak a girl out and ask her too soon after talking to her for 2 minutes. but then if I wait to long she might lose interest and it'll become creepy and weird....

    oh and I forgot to say tha she was smiling and laughing the whole time we were talking so I guess that's a good sign?
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    Before anyone responds, I'll predict exactly how this thread will go. People will attempt to offer actual helpful advice, the OP will disregard all of it, puss out with the girl, and then complain about how he's a pussy.

    Don't say I didn't warn y'all.
  3. Ok. Lately I've been called a troll for trying to help a fellow blade.

    I'm going to try harder and guide this blade to a successful date with this apparantly cute Japanese chick.


    OP, before you make any move, you have to ask yourself,

    "DO you really like this girl?"
  4. ^ I honestly don't know if I "like" her I don't even know her but she is "cute" and seemed really friendly with me.

    I'm not all focused on this one girl but I'd like to date her to see if I like her. isn't that the point of dating people?

    i'd like to be able to ask a girl out on a date when I see a girl I think is cute even if it's just one date and leads nowhere.
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    What? Ggrass anyone who calls you a troll is a troll. They obviously just can't understand how you think. You're always being helpful.
  6. I see...


    Here's my advise.

    "Take off your shoes when you enter her house."
  7. Then just ask her out! :) I mean its really that simple. Clearly you are undecided so if she turns you down or the date doesn't go well you won't be heartbroken. However, it might be awkward if doesn't work out and you see her all the time. If she seems into you hold a casual conversation and then ask her if she would like to go out with you. Have something in mind already and get her number. Just don't act awkward or weird when you ask her out be very collected and keep it fun. :)
  8. my last girlfriend just ended up becoming my girlfriend and I never even really liked her before dating her but after we started dating I really liked her.

    I've only really really liked one girl. I think the reaon I don't ask most of these girls out might be that my interest isn't high enough or else i'd risk getting rejected. that one girl that I liked a lot for over a year I asked out and got rejected. she gave me a number and never picked up my calls.

    I rarely meet any girls that I have a big crush on or whatever. I just see some cute girl and think wo she's cute or hot i'd like to date her.
  9. You know the two of you like sushi. Find the best/most authentic sushi restaurant in your area. Bring up said restaurant while making small talk, then casually invite her out to eat there.

  10. no this won't be that awkward it's just a japanese supermarket I don't have to get sushi from this place lol.

    and you're right I don't have a huge crush or anything on this girl if I get rejected it'll just make me feel a bit awkard but i'm not going to be crushed or anything.

    I want to build some rapport or whatever with her first before asking her out but i'm not sure what to talk to her about when I see her........ maybe ask her if she speaks japanese or how she likes working there I don't freaking know lol. i don't want her to think i'm weird.
  11. I use to be the same way in high school man. I would crush forever and then ruin it by waiting too long. You just have to go for it and be confident in yourself. It doesn't matter if you are Colin Farrell sometimes you are going to get rejected. If you get rejected just walk away with your head held high.

  12. that might actually work. I know a lot of sushi places around her maybe I can be like he have you ever been to X and if and ask her if she'd like to come with me sometime?

    I just hate asking a girl for her number makes me feel like i'm being pushy and if she's not into you then it's awkard. she will eiather say sorry I don't give out my number or she'll be uncomfortable and just give you her number to make it less awkward.

  13. true but I think you have to also build some rapport first with a girl. you can't just ask a girl for her number after talking to her for 2 minutes the first time you meet her I think you need to see if she gives you signs that she likes you first.

    waiting to long is seeing and chatting and talking to a girl for months and not doing anything to show her that you like her.

    I think girls also get asked out all the time by weird/ stalker/ creepy guys and if they don't know you at all they might just see you as another weirdo / creepy guy asking her out at her work.
  14. Just don't break her heart man...

  15. Ok I have just been flirting with this girl at a donut shop I stop by all the time. The best thing you can do is destroy the tension. Tease her a little bit or just joke with her.

    For example: I walked in the other day and she was busy doing something. The next day I walked in and just teased her for not saying "high". She said I could have said high first. I told her I was in the middle of an important business transaction(which was just buying a donut) and I am a terrible multi tasker. She laughs and apologizes jokingly.

    Sometimes I just compliment her on something and ask her about it. Maybe "cute nails" and then make a joke about getting mine done then go from there.

    Will I ever ask her out? No. I like flirting and that donut shop is near my work which is 90 miles from my home! Too far for a date but those are some examples.
  16. I wish I had the balls to talk to asian girls, asians are soooo sexy. I'm to big for em thou, i'd break em. Yes I just called a race of girls "em".
  17. If you like Asian girls, google this : taeyeon

    Thank me later.
  18. I will thank you now.
  19. :D

    Isn't she the loveliest thing?

    Man... I'm in love with her... and her voice...
  20. LOL! Yes. You got me watching live vids of her on youtube lol.:hello::smoke:WIN of the night.

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