I think for once I'm actually going to grow a pair.

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  1. I've been a pretty shy dude for most of my life, yeah? Most of my relationship experience has been crushes on girls I hang out with. I've never actually acted on it before, though. The last girl I thought I was in love with, we hung out all the time and always had fun but I never did anything about it because of my abnormal paranoia of not being liked. Well I feel like that's happening again, but I don't want to go my entire life being too afraid to ask a woman out. This time though, I am pretty certain she doesn't feel the same way, and I know and accept that. I just think Im not going to be able to move on unless I say something, you know?

    So I have decided next time we're alone together, no matter whether it feels right or not to say, I'm just going to tell her that I really like her, even though I know she doesn't like me back and it's been eating away at me since orientation really (when I first met her) and I'm not going to be able to move on until I hear from her in person that she doesn't like me back.

    Sorry about the venting. Do you guys think its the right thing to do? Or should I just shut the fuck up and forget about it?
  2. props to you buddy. just test the waters, even if you know you'll get rejected...rejection is just another hurdle to get over, and it'll probably pave the way for more chances to hook up with girls.
  3. Nothing wrong with being shy, but I am glad to hear you are taking some initiative.

    Just remember to let your personality stem from who you are, don't let it be who you are, and that it is better to choose a path rather than die standing at the cross-roads.
  4. hell ya man go for it. if she says nah, oh well come back here and ill light on up for ya.
  5. fuck yeah it's the right thing to do. think of it like this.

    your confidence now - 0 (just saying)

    your confidence if you don't ask her out - 0

    your confidence if you ask her out and she says no - 5

    your confidence if you ask her out and she says yes - 10

    I know that sounds Simsish, but it's the easiest way I could say it. Even if she says no, you'll still have confidence in asking out the next girl cause you realize even if they say no, it's not a big deal because sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.
  6. I actrully did the exsact same things a week ago and made a thread about it. It didn't go too well for me. Hope you have better luck dude! Go for it!
  7. A lot of people have been in this situation. Even I have. Just realize that some people will hate you and will wish death upon you and plenty others will like or love you and wish prayers upon you. Same thing with women. Some will like you and some won't. Just let it happen. Also if she denies you, move on! Forget her. She just won't ever like you. Fuck it you know? Just keep talking to em too man. You'll learn so much shit naturally. Once you learn how women work as well its scary as shit as to how easy it can be for just about any guy :wave:
  8. This.

    In high school I thought I'd seriously never get together with a girl in my life. First year of college when I actually tried and failed, didn't die, then tried and succeeded, I wondered wtf I was so worried about the whole time.
    You'll be fine man. ;)
  9. Props man, deff +rep for telling her how it is, better to get it out there than
    hold it in right bro?
  10. Go get 'er homie. I got over the shyness, trust me it's best left in the past. So many new oportunities will present themselves to you once you overcome your shyness.

    Good luck man
  11. [​IMG]

    i grew a pair...turned out dank :)

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