I Think An Emp Was Tested In Albuquerque Last Night

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  1. So last night I think the military or Sandia National Labs or some shit may have been testing something over or in the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico (Yes this is in the US -_-). Let me start off by saying I'm not some crazy nutcase. I've just been hearing stories from a lot of people and it's just makes sense.

        It all started last night. I'm currently in Colorado Springs, but I was playing an online TPS call Warframe with a friend of mine in Albuquerque. We were talking through skype on his laptop and he was playing the game on his desktop. Suddenly he tells me his PC crashed and a house alarm down the road was going off and his lights momentarily flickered, but all the clocks were fine. So we were like that was strange but didnt think much of it because he said the news was on and they said wind had knocked over some lines.

        This morning I wake up and get a phonecall from my little brother who is staying down in Albuquerque. He tells me he's all freaked out because last night his CELL PHONE randomly shut down just as the lights in the house flickered. Then he goes on to tell me he got a video from his friend who was filming some skating stuff for Youtube, when the lights at the park went out, as well as the HEADLIGHTS of some cars in the parking lot. This doesn't sound like a regular power outage at this point. I found out not but 15 minutes before writing this that the friend I was playing with last night was talking to his boss and his boss said his car radio and headlights went out and the car stalled while he was driving. I heard like 3 or 4 more of that EXACT story on Facebook. There are a bunch of us writing to the news but no one seems to care. UPDATE: I just found out that these reports are from all over town, some people were without power all night, and some for only moments. One friend of mine comfirmed the stories all the way out in Rio Rancho, the nieghboring town.

        There is also a lot of talk about how a lot of major intersections in town were completely cut off by large amounts of officers and firetrucks overnight and this morning.

        Now I know that Albuquerque is the windiest place I've ever lived, and power lines have gone down before, but I mean, battery powered devices were shutting down, cars were stalling. What in the fucking fuck! What do you guys think? Ever heard of anything like this before? Did the lines explode causing the emp, or did the emp cause the lines to go down? Solar flare? I'm pretty bothered by all this.
  2. That has become the leading theory among us Burquenos.
  3. It is by far, the only logical explanation.
  4. An emp completely destroys the electronics so they wouldn't just go off then back on
  5. sounds pretty odd. you should buy a very old car or a pre 1971 VW Beetle. simplest electrical systems. 
    "Watch the skies, traveler."
  6. Yeah that's been brought to my attention, so now it's even more strange to me.
  7. Solar flare? Idk it does sound weird
  8. Also the US has so many secret islands for military testing, I doubt they would risk destroying the publics stuff as well as revealing there secret test due to it fucking a town up haha
  9. I've been Googling all sorts of stuff, but I can't seem to find any other similar occurences. I think my brother told me he's confirmed more than 20 reports over facebook and friends. I've been trying to make a connection to the lines going down and the car stalls/cell problems with a PNM worker I know from highschool, but he told me he can't seem to see one,
  10. Well we have Sandia National Labs in town, as well as an airforce base, and a missle testing ground to the southeast it could have been unexpected collateral from something
  11. Aliens coming down to shut off power is not a logical explanation at all.
  12. sounds like a surge in the power grid honestly not that uncommon
  13. Yeah but how does that affect cars on the road, and cell phones?
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    I think Walter White's (heisenberg is his street name) Lab is drawing too much power.
    Maybe it didn't, and those are just coincidences. :confused_2: 
  16. yeah but 20+ reports all at the same time, all from within my friend circle? That's a bit much for coincedence. Though I'm sure there's a reasonable explaination.
    I'm quite positive that if something like an EMP was tested Twitter and Facebook would be littered with posts about it. If nobody but your friends are saying anything about it, you might be dealing with a situation where someone says "yeah dude my cell phone went off at the same time as the power outage!" and then all your other friends try to one-up him by being like "yeah dude my headlights went out!"

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