I texted this to my friend while blazed as fuck

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    Me: Yo Joe

    Joe: Aloha

    Me: Did you ever see Space Jam?

    Joe: That is my shit right there

    Me: Dude did you remember the part where Foghorn Leghorn was dribbling? What he says is "Well I wish I was in the land of cotton-" before he gets stopped by the green monster. Foghorn Leghorn's a rooster! So that's like the same as fried chicken! And then the green monster toasts him and he was like "Did you order Original Recipe or Extra Crispy?" Like fucking fried chicken. Subliminal stereotype reinforcing.

    Me: And who would want to continue stereotypes? The rich. To keep the poor people racist and not able to join together in unity to defeat the rich. They pay Warner Bros. cash money to put that shit in there. And a shit ton of other companies too. Sometimes we notice it, but most of the times it just goes by without us thinking about it, going right into our subconscious memory, bypassing our conscious focus.

    Joe: Damn

    Joe: I honestly would have never thought of that lol, but it's totally true haha

    Me: It's what you call a highDEA man.

    Me: Dude.

    Me: Oh fuck.

    Joe: Wat?

    Me: I just realized you know how highDEA does the capital DEA? Well what if it's not really a portmanteau of high and idea, it's actually high DEA. High Drug Enforcement Administration. The people at highDEA are getting IP addresses and they're eventually going to track down anyone who posts on the site when New World Order takes effect.

    Me: And dude.

    Me: The worst part is that they're total hypocrites.

    Me: Why else would they call it HIGH Drug Enforcement Administration? Huh?

    Me: So the people who work at highDEA look like simple webmaster stoners, but in reality they're DEA agents posing as those roles.

    Joe: Dude I think ur gunna end up tweaking urself out lol

    Me: Dude I'm straight, I'm extra calm right now. I'm just amusing myself by creating very possible scenarios that involve several particular possibly ironic coincidences that seem to hint at some sort of connection without any empirical evidence.

    Me: Sort of like religion, haha.

    Joe: Not gunna lie, idk how this isnt hurting ur brain right now lol

    Me: You haven't really seen me when I'm stoned. When I'm sober, I'm smart. But when I'm stoned, I'm smart, intuitive, logical, analogical, need I go on? And my mind works so fast it's not even funny. I freak people out all the time by stating things that I am figuring out in a completely calm manner.

    I'm gonna post this in /r/trees since I don't post on Reddit much.
  2. how many characters are in those posts???? 160 is the max.... WTF... so are you stoned or not stoned? cause your either lying to us or your friend
  3. welllllllllllll thennnnnnnnnn........
  4. hahaha i probably wouldnt have answered after the multiple DEA texts

  5. Smart phones send it as multiple texts and receive and display it as a single text. Man. You are behind on technology. Or maybe taking Java has taken me too far... dear god.
  6. why are you making long conversation with a guy
  7. Well op has 1 less friend now
  8. You guys seem rather negative.
  9. Your positrons have been negatized.
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  11. I know the fuck:eek: And do really expect to read a whole convo with you and your bf. Atleast change the name to joesephina to pice things up !
  12. I want what you're smoking
  13. Our group has crazy long conversations like this high
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  15. I thought it was funny......
  16. that would have been funny if your friend texted back tl;dr

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