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I texted my dealer, he texted back "nah got nothing for a few days"

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by wloops, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. when is it safe to text again
  2. 2 days later.
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  3. just text him now and tell him to let you know when he has more to sell.
  4. I would wait at least 3
  5. F*** that. I can just picture myself in three days waiting for a text thinking, "is he going to text me soon? Maybe he forgot. Maybe I should text again to remind him. But what if he doesn't have any and thinks I'm being annoying? But damn I want some weed."
  6. This is when having friends helps. Most everybody I know has somebody they go to.
  7. This is why you have 4-5 different plugs then if ones dry you ring the others..
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  8. Oh god. I sent him a text saying "you got any today mate" he says "yeah but I'm not back til 9.30pm" I reply saying "ok shall I text you at 9.30". NO RESPONSE! Was he implying I should just text him tomorrow?
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  9. How the hell do you expect anyone here to answer this
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  10. You should text him at 9:30

    He kinda implied he isn't available before then, you are highly over thinking your interactions with your dealer lol
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  11. Just find a new plug or grow your own..
  12. He just replied quote "can try me"

    what the hell does that mean
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  13. You can try him at 9:30 it means
  14. lol

    Paranoia must be kicking in
  15. It just turned 9pm here. Gonna drop him a text at 9:30. Or should I wait for tomorrow instead? Guys I'm sweating.
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  16. Dude you shouldn't need step by step instructions for this

    How did you ever get weed before if you can't figure this out?
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  17. Every previous time I got weed I sent him a text saying "can I come get x" and he said yeah then 10 minutes later I turned up exchanged the goods then left.
  18. You are sitting here asking us when to hit up some guy we don't know

    You would know better

    But, he said 9:30

    He laid out the time you could hit him up and even said you could try

    Simple stuff here.
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  19. If you ever encounter a shady dealer, you'll learn not to show how desperate you are. It's weed man, take a chill'll get some
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