I take prescription SSRI's (anti-depressants). Will X fuck my brain up?

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  1. I want to roll really badly, especially after seeing my buddies have a really good time at a party last weekend. The only problem is, I take 150 mg daily of Effexor XR for my anxiety attacks. If I roll just one pill, could it fuck me up?
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    no but the ssri's might

    but seriously... i dont think just one would do it..

    i'm sure someone who knows a bit more about it can chime in, but research serotonin syndrome. i'm not sure how much it takes to cause that though.
  3. I got numb/tingling arms from taking cymbalta everyday and then taking tabs..
    and then got really sick. (seratonin poisening?)

    i felt right after an amazing peak..
    then it just went downhill and i stopped rolling about 2 hours short.

    that's just my experience though,
    everyone is different.
  4. if your on ssri's you wont trip
  5. where the fuck did all these threads come up from?
  6. On the contrary, you won't feel it at all.

    Stop the Effexor for 3 or 4 days then roll and you'll have a good time.

    Source: Personal experience.
  7. Just about any drug used on anti-depressants messes with your brain chemistry. I did prozac for like 5 months and that time i did coke, adderal, dxm, aclohol and weed. I'm kinda fucked in the head from it all.
  8. I would do that, but I can't go off it for even a day... the withdrawal is terrible. If I forget to take a pill in the morning, by mid-afternoon I'm feeling sick and having "brain zaps."
  9. Yeah I know how it goes.

    Then....don't roll. Sorry, there's no miracle fix here. :(
  10. from personal experience man...
    get off that shit.
    it's no good for you.

    improve your diet, exercise, don't eat before bed, get lots of sunshine ect.

    i used to take 100 mg of cymbalta a day then i decreased by about 10mg every few days..
  11. I take 20mgs of Paxil a day and the few times I've rolled in the past six months fucked me up just like the old days. Green ducks and yellow grizzlies.

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