I take forever to cum..

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  1. honestly i dont know why but i really do take forever to cum..
    and yes i've beaten it A LOT in my day and to this day my beat off sessions can vary from 10 mins to an hour and a half.. but whenever im "sexualy active" i dont beat it at all and it doesnt change anything

    This was a big problem with my old girlfriend as she took it offensivly thinkin i wasnt attracted to her or i didnt like the sex but this wasnt true.. because it feels amazing the hole time but i just dont cum.. there been times were i've gone for like an hour and she just gets to dry..

    there is always rare times where we did it for 15 mins and i just exploded though so it is possible for me to cum quicker..

    I've recently started having sex with a new girl and we've only done it 4 times.. 2 times we were interupted and we had to stop.. the one time it took me like 45 mins to cum and then the other time i was drunk and didnt cum at all but we only did it for 30 mins and we had to go back downstairs to everyone cause it was gettin shady and we were tryin to keep it a secert..

    Im scared to come across the same problems as my old gf.. what if this screws me over.. any tips tricks or ideas you could help me with guys..
  2. Experiment. Try new things, and give her feedback. Tell her what gets you off, and what doesnt. Look up something kinky you've never tried before. Maybe some heavy prostate massage could get you off. Never know until you try.
  3. Do you drink a lot of water? Not drinking enough water could have something to do with it. Medications, stress and things of that nature could also be issues.

    If you can't fix it on your own then go to a doctor. My guess is that you're a young guy so you don't want to be in your prime and not be able to get the job done.

    Try water first if you really don't drink enough throughout the day, though. Good luck! :)
  4. Try different positions that make it tighter (like doggie style) or where you're not the only one doing all the work (her on top, doggie style, etc).
  5. Oh man i used to have this problem, turned out doggie style always made me cum quickly.

    So with my current gf, once shes had her fun; i just flip her over and have mine.

  6. I notice I am much more effect from an arial strike.

    Meaning. On top and I can hardly last 5 minutes of straight banging. Otherwise other positions can go hours with no results... I dunno..
  7. I used to have that "problem" too. At first I thought it was cool since I was lasting so long, but at times it started to become a problem like you are having. The only thing that worked for me was to not beat it for a long time, doggy style, or thinking of a really great past sexual experience that may or may not have been with that person (sorry ladies).
  8. When you want to cum start breathing really heavily and try to draw in more and more air with each breath and tense your body. This usually helps for me and when I do finally blow its pretty damn intense. :D
  9. Her hanging off of the bed while you stand in between her legs and just rail her.

    It is amazing, especially if she is nice and wet.


  10. thats how it goes brotha! hahha exactly
  11. I'd say experiment more with yourself and what makes u cum, what gets u OFF like an animal.
    Maybe FORCE yourself to cum, like focussing on anything that will make u cum faster, do the most sexy shit u can imagine with a girl, vary your shit up so she wont get dry, try lube, spit, other positions. I mean, its a blessing and a curse but Im sure u can make yourself cum a little quicker with these things...

    try to fuck high .. also an option, see how that work out for ya.

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