I take a drug test once a month at the end of the month.

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  1. Can you give me any advice on how I could still smoke? Like maybe right after the drug test for a few days? Because it's always around the 30th of the month. It's not an expensive drug test. How much could I still smoke? I'm 5'7 130 pounds.
  2. looool ur a skinny fucker you could probably smoke a week before you test if you drink lots, work out and take your test properly, id tell you all this info however there is an abundant amount of information and all of it is accessible to you with the search function. 
  3. uh
    mommy and daddy drug testing their little child?
    45-90 days...
  4. No I'm on probation for 3 years
  5. OUCH! sorry man! might as well not smoke and go straight for a bit until your done
    You should do alot of reading up on this shit before you start doing that because smoking up is one thing, gettng caught smoking or possessing could spell huge trouble for you
  7. Lol I can't go 3 whole years without smoking!! Would I be good if I only smoke like a gram the day after the test? Then I have a whole month for it to leave my system
  8. Buy THC test strips off of amazon.  They are hella cheap.   You can smoke until two weeks before the test then stop and start working out every day.  Do cardio so you sweat as much as you can.  Drink lots off water and cranberry juice so your pee is crystal clear every day.  Test yourself as you go so you don't have to worry.  You should be able to sweat out all the THC in a week or less sense you are skinny, but don't rely on that the first test.  Use the thc strips every other day so you know how long it takes you.  

    I know all this from first hand experience.  I weighed 140 at the time. 
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    Man up, until Obama gets his shit together.
    This could be serious- you're on probation. It can either level out or go downhill.
    Figure out how to not get caught in the future. 
  10. Man I don't know about all these shortcuts and tips. but what I do know is that thc metabolizes in the liver and it takes the same amount of time regardless of how much you smoke simply working out and drinking lots of diuretics will not only put more of the thc stored in what little fat you have in your blood it will do absolutely nothing to help get you clean. So with that being said I would maybe do some research cause getting fucked by Johnny law is the worst. Now I'm not saying your idea won't work but if it was me, I wouldn't risk it just man up and don't smoke.
  11. You dont want the long dick of the law in your tight lil doo-doo puss.Stay clean bro. Or get on that klimax tip. I did that for almost a year. Don't recommend it at all. But if you're really that addicted to being 'high'... to each his own..
  12. If youl get caught smoking you'll get fucked in the ass by a guy

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