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I take a couple downers, but nothing compares to these blue, and yellow, purple pills

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xplicitcontent, Aug 14, 2002.

  1. Alright, last night i tried something different. My friend's have done this before and this would be my first time. One of them knew of this high blood pressure pill that if u take a high dosage, u start to trip out after a half hour. I took the usual dosage for them, 16 pills. After I popped em, my friends told me it'll kick in in about 30 to 45 minutes. So I waited, and nothing happened. I wanted to smoke, but they said when the pills kick in, it'll be better. After the time elapsed, I never got the taste they mentioned that would be the warning for the trip. Then it happened, I felt my stomache a lil, and then relized i have to get to the bathroom fast. I got up and then boom, it hit me. I fell back to the chair i was sitting on. I became very dizzy in an instant. I knew I had to get to that bathroom so I got up and walked the 20 feet to get there. I walked, and during that walked, everything started to blur and my dizzyness got higher then anytihng. I went over to the toilet, looked up, but for some reason I couldn't get down on my knees to throw up so I threw up standing. After that, I lost complete coordination, and my friend escaorted me back to the room only 20 feet away. I then saw some covers and pillows on the floor and collapsed on em. As I fell it only felt like i fell only an inch. I layed their, the voices in the room and then blacked out.

    Time at this point was nothing, so I have no idea of when I woke up later that night. The high was in full effect, and i couldn't think, speak, or move right. I tried talking but it was slurred, and then my talking anyways was messed up since I was saying gibberish. I looked at my friends, and they looked really different, and only 3 feet tall. It was liked this on and off, and I was so f'cked up that I didn't even smoke a bowl or a cig.

    At around 5am, I finally woke up and I was on the bed. It was over, I gained control of my body once again. Still my head was dizzy, but I could think a little bit clearer, but not strait yet.

    I've been getting better throughout the day, but I tell u what, that was the best trip of my life. I'd do it again, but this time, I'll bring a bucket cuz that was the only bad part about it.
  2. uhh..... i dont know of any high blood pressure pills that will make you trip if you take 16.. sounds like dimenhydrinate or something. research your drugs if you dont want to die an early, painful death
  3. DXM..that what it was....People call it crazy 8's

    you should be careful which ones you take though..if it has anything else the DXM as the active ingrediant (sp?) you might die before you even feel the effects from the Dxm

    so be careful..and have fun trips
  4. actually, i didn't research or anything on this drug. My friend though learned from another one about this stuff and knew exactly which ones to take since he's expierianced. Thats why I never thought I was going to die or get hurt or anything, so it was all good.
  5. Sounds kinda like this shit people take around here, called Drammamine (not sure if thats the correct spelling) anyway this shit makes you trip, my friend took 24 of these and what he explained was almost exactly like how you explained it, myslef ive only took the reg dosage to get you trippin (12 pills) but afterwards when your commin down it gave me a migrane.
  6. wow, same sh't as my friend last night. Of course, I lost control, but when I came back to, he was all hurtin' and shit. I think Im gonna go back to half and work my way up each time so my stomache can handle it.

  7. dramamine= dimenhydrinate

    evil, evil drug imo..
  8. i had no idea that you could trip off of motion sickness pills
  9. its the craziest trip ever, well actually my first trip. Im still not going to take anything addictive and dangerous, but the stuff I took last night was no prob getting through it.
  10. try shrooms, you wont get dizzy or nauseas you'll just see shit and laugh a lot :) that is if you have a good trip.
  11. I just found out what the pills are called. They were coricidin hbp cough and cold. Can't believe a cough suppressent can f'ck someone up. Oh well, at least their less then $3, a cheap pop to get f'cked up.
  12. ahh dxm.. keep on taking coricidin if you want eye damage, hypertension, and possible death. and tell your friend that hes a fucking idiot to give anyone triple-c's. CORICIDIN IS DANGEROUS WITH A CAPITAL D..
    if youre interested in dxm, read as much of erowid's dxm faq as you can stand.. this really isnt the kind of drug you want to fuck with unless you know a LOT about it, and yourself.

    heres the faq:

    ..happy tripping!

  13. sh't, the dxm trippin in over for him. he had the worst trip of his life a couple days ago. such a shame, oh well, i have 8 triple c's left, dunno if i should take em though. I jus drank a 1/5 of vodka and smoked a bowl.
  14. i wouldnt.. if you really want to trip though, only take 4 instead of the whole 8.. its completely different from 16 too.. kinda a light psychedelic buzz that feels a bit like being drunk.. really fun. goes well with bud too!

    but yeah dont take even 8 coricidin at a time.. theyre really bad for you. 6 at the very, very most
  15. i don't feel like it anymore. mostly cuz im drunk now, and thats good enough to go with bud

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