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I swear the pieces of cardboards from rolling papers is there purely for stoners to use.

Discussion in 'General' started by DurbanPoisonQueen, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. It's the perfect thing to use as a filter for your joint or spliff. I'd never use a cigarette filter, I believe THC gets trapped in it. But it needs something for structure and easy smoking. I also bend it over a few times before the normal rolling over, otherwise there is an empty space in the middle and tobacco/weed can fall through. I love how everyone has their own rituals on how they smoke their weed. But really, what's the point of that piece of cardboard? Sure it can help the papers not bend too much, but meh it's not really a big deal. I never notice ‘hey my papers are getting all bent' after removing the cardboard. 
    2014-02-19 07-23-04.827.jpg

  2. When you say cigarette filters, do you even mean stuff like the RAW or Element brand filters they sell at head shops? I mean, those have always done me fine personally.
    Still, always good to know there is some handy Macguyver stuff one can do with stuff lying around the house ;P .
  3. I just roll up a piece of computer paper to use as a filter lmao

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    Yeah the stuff you'd use for rolling your own cigarettes. It's a huge faux pas here if you use that with weed. 
    What is computer paper? 
    Edit: Nevermind just googled. Interesting. I don't have any of that lying around. 
  5. A blank piece of paper that you would put in the printer, Idk what else to call it except computer paper

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  6. he either means printer paper or stickies.
  7. hmm, paper you put in the mean printer paper? :bongin:
  8. im confused. What cardboard are we talking about
  9. Really? I mean, I didn't think there was a better head shop item to get, and they work...why is it a faux pas exactly? I have used over half a pack of RAW filters and they've suited me more than fine (and I'm generally not the only one smoking a J and I've never heard any issues arise from anyone else). I've generally got compliments on my J's/Papers.
  10. I'm stoned like a biblical whore, don't hate hahaha

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  11. It's hard to explain. They just don't mix here. You're meant to smoke weed straight, there should be nothing really blocking it. A cigarette filter blocks the thc crystals. Maybe I'm bonkers and it all still gets through. 
    Lol this printer paper conversation is hilarious
    You two are mixing up the American terms and British terms. RAW filter tips like the one spincut's talking about are just bits of cardboard they sell as roach material. Filters like DPQ's talking about are the actual cigarette filters that you'd roll a fag with, the same as are on normal store bought cigs.
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    Well I'm obviously still new to the forum, so if it's considered a faux pas here I would likely be none the wiser about that.
    I will say though as far as it actually being bad and keeping out THC, I think that may indeed be bonkers. I go to a pretty good headshop (everyone there obviously smokes and knows their shit), and not once has anyone implied those filters would be a bad idea, nor any of the friends I have smoked em with (if it was by and large a bad idea, I would think someone would have balked at it or said something by now in person).
    Also, even the product itself seems marketed to more than just cigarette smokers. I did initially inquire if there was a non-cig more J centric type of filter, but I was told no and that I'd be just fine with a Raw or Element filter, and thus far by and large I have been. I vape primarily though and only do J's with other people/special occasions.
  14. Ohhhh.....wait who's using the American and who's using the British terms :p ?
  15. Ok I get it now. I called cardboard filters cardies, and cigarette filters just filters, We don't really get store bought cardies here. 
  16. For the cig filters as quote "traps thc" i had to empty out a cig to put weed in cause i had nothing else, i cut the filter in half at the end of the cig and i still got stoned as fuck, i dont really think it traps thc mostly plant matter

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  17. Im still confused. Is op talking about actual cig filters or a roach/crutch
  18. I think she means she won't use cigarette filters instead of a crutch, and got confused on which people meant.
    I've heard pretty good things about the raw filters, they aren't the same ones you'd find in a cig, they are just a premade crutch for stoners pretty much. I don't use them though as i hardly roll, i'll just use a business card or something. I also still don't know what op means about the cardboard in a pack of papers? Does the cardboard come in like bigger packs than i buy? I usually keep a pack of papers around for when i roll and i've never experienced this extra cardboard.
  19. It comes in the back of most rolling paper packet's in the UK, it's a little piece of cardboard that fits in at the back of the papers, gives the pack a little rigidity I guess. Normally found by ripping the rizla packet apart for roach material after the little flap on the front's gone.

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