I suck at germinating

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  1. I used to grow from clone when I lived in a dispensary state so my seed experience is weak, at best. Help?

    I have 6 Nirvana Papaya seeds that I'm trying to germinate. They were thrown in 1 gallon pots with a 30% perlite to supersoil mix, watered well and placed in my tent under a blackstar 240w LED. The tent temperature is a comfortable 75 and the soil seems to dry out every 24 hours. I've been trying to keep it watered but not drenched. I did not presoak or paper towel germinate them.

    I paid pretty good money for these seeds and am worried about them not germinating. It has only been about 80 hours, but I've got a lot riding on this! Should I just keep doing what I've been doing and wait a few more days? What would be my best course of action right now?

  2. From what I see you have to options:

    1. Continue as you are doing?

    2. Dig up your seeds and germ them...rofl

    3. Ditch first attempt, continue with second attempt w/ pre-burial germination.

    This is up to you, but I'd wait a little while before starting over, in case your seeds have popped. It wouldnt do you any good to tear up perfectly good growing plants just because they haven't broken soil now would it?:)
  3. Seeds germ the quickest around 25C, and do not give them light until their taproot is out a good cm (you can't really know the way you did it - but you shouldn't have given them light for the first 2 days or so.

    Also, if you're using LED, keep them at least 2 feet away at minimum. Intense light will stunt seedling growth

    Usually they take 1-2 days to pop, and 2-3 days to break the surface. Next time, 12 hours in a cup of water, then into paper towel at 25c and then into soil with light once their tap root is out a bit.

    Leave em for a few more days to see if they break soil, try not to disturb them. In a day or so you should see some disturbance on the soil like they're breaking through.
  4. i have the same thing happening to me right now... its been 3days no signs of life. i was thinking about digging it up and germing them
  5. put the seeds in a cup of water and place a plate on top so that they are in darkness. Place the cup inside in a warm place and leave it for three days. They will come and grow fast. Be very careful not to break them when you plant them. That should solve your problem.
  6. I always at a minimum soak the seeds in water so when they are planted you have a better chance. Next place between wet paper towels until u have about 1/4 inch or tap route exposed. From there it should be planted. If you really want to poke around in the dirt and look for the seed you might be able to notice.

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