I stopped smoking weed

Discussion in 'General' started by DaWodin, Dec 29, 2002.

  1. i stopped smoking........


    still love the city......

  2. actually i havent smoked for a few years now but also engoy these forums for general info on growin ang general chat,
    actually thats not quite true as i have recently tested my produce for quallity, i wish it still had the affect on me as it did in my younger years, anyway good for you ! do you think it will last ?
  3. You don't have to smoke weed to enjoy the city.. Being happy is what life is about anyway!
  4. I quit smoking cigarettes on Nov. 16th. I had gone without smoking anything until Turkey-Day. Then I smoked some weed since I needed to smoke on something.

    You'll be back.
  5. I see no reason for me to quit smoking weed....

    Cigs on the other hand.... I'd give those up if it was easier :p
  6. I once quit for 2 months them my friend gave me some weed I smoked it Then I wondered why the fuck I quit.
  7. I just started smoking again this past January and I had the same question going through my head as BudMan, "Why did I quit?" I have come to the realization that I do not enjoy alcohol apart from a glass of wine now and then and cigarettes hold no entertainment value so smoking weed is a happy medium for me.
  8. We're just glad you're around, DaWodin, high or not! ;)
  9. wow.....this is exactly what i love the most about this place.....even tho i made a decision that goes against what 99.9% of the people here do, im still encouraged and well wished...after i get off vacation i wont be able to visit as often...but like vataloco said....ill be back

    much love
  10. hey dawoodin!! I made a choice to keep clean to go into the coast guard and ugh! as much as I love and miss it...I still love coming here and talking it up and feeling the love around this great city! sorry to hear you decided this, its not easy, when its a part of your life that you do treasure..I miss it greatly. I think in the long run itll be for the best, it being illegal now and making me stop will only have me take literal action in the future to make it legal!
  11. lady maryjane we always be there, as will the good times you spent with her. Ill look forward to seeing your posts in the future entailing how your doing. =)

  12. well good luck, i know you can do it. i went on probation for 9 months and never smoked from the day i got on until the day i was off, it wasn't really hard either, my life was the same i just slept a little more often.
  13. Well said Ray.

    Why do people need to go on rehab for cannabis? I have never felt like I need a spliff. And when I don't smoke for a while I don't get cravings or anything.
  14. some people are simply weak minded ...
  15. I have quit smoking weed, except for the occasional two or three times a month. I have not smoked or had a sack since mid June of last year.

    ......Getting arrested with weed sucks!

    ......Especially if you're at a Widespread Panic concert.

    But my drug testing ends in about a week (8 days and counting) and I'm damn ready to start back.

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