i still love her

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  1. So i just joined and read some posts people posted about reletionships and shit like that nd there was reletivily small negative feed back so i thought well i might as well give it a try so here it goes

    Ok i met this girl about 3 years ago and immediatly i knew i liked her and we started dating 2 months later. Now in the begining everything was perfect and amazing i fell for this girl hard. But after about 2 months of dating she kinda started to drift away i guess and a little while later she started treating me like shit and flirting with other guys. So after going out for 3 monthes in all i broke up with her. After we broke up i dated this other chick for awhile but realized i still had feelings for the first girl so i broke off cuz i didnnt feel right dating a girl while i liked another.so eventually me and the first girl started talking again, she told me she still liked me and i told her i liked her so we went out again. After 7 monthes of pretty much on and off fighting every other day i broke up with her again and couldnt take it. After we broke up i washeart-broken cuz i loved this girl but everytime we dated she did shit tomake me break up with her. I ignored her for about a year completly took her out of my life and tried to forget about her and kinda did but about 3 monthes ago i messaged her on fb when i was high as fuck saying i wanted to talk to her again the next day i say what i had sent and all the feelings i had for her came rushing back and i really did just wana be friends with her again so we started talking after about a week she told me she missed me and how she never got over me and that she made stupid mistakes in the past and wouldnt make them again. And me being the hopeless romantic i am believed her and dated her again. Two weeks ago she broke up with me saying she didnt like me as much as she thought she did..and now im so depressed and shit cuz i love this girl so much but we can never stay together and i will feel like an idiot if i give her another chance but the one thing i want more then anything is to be withh her..but now shes acting like a bitch and idk what to do..i wanna tell her i still love her but dont wanna risk the embarrassment if she dosnt still feel the same towards me
  2. Sorry, but it sounds like a case of two people trying to force compatibility. Which never works.

    You may be attracted to one another, enjoying sex together, share common interests or whatever but at the end of the day, you two are just not going to be a pair capable of remaining a couple.

    Or perhaps she just really can't handle relationships.

    Either way, you should really just move on, it's clearly not going to work if you can't last two months without her pushing you away.
  3. anybody else instantly hear "I. STILL.... LOVE YOU....."

    best cry ever.
  4. I feel you man.

    Few years ago I fell for a girl hard and she fucked me over. Been with heaps of girls since then but I just don't feel the same about them. Worst thing is she's in a serious relationship.. Sometimes I just wonder what could have been.
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    Meet a new gurl

    it should onlytake 1 monthe to 2 monthes
  6. love is a douche that will do nothing but fuck you in the long run
  7. ^very untrue statement.
  8. Reminds me of norbit hehe
  9. your story just was all over the place. I couldn't even handle reading this shit myself. I don't even know how you can still love this girl when all you guys did was fight lol.
  10. [quote name='"smokintoke"']love is a douche that will do nothing but fuck you in the long run[/quote]

    but so will your partner.. Thats what makes it all worth it
  11. Some women are irrational and don't know what they want. There are too many good women in this world to stick yourself with someone who is a crazy slut.

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