I still feel high more than 48 hours later...

Discussion in 'General' started by stew, May 29, 2009.

  1. Hey, help me!
    I smoked weed for my 4th time on Tuesday and I still feel high in a way. My head feels congested and it's the high where when you touch something you feel a second or two later. Has anyone gone through this? How can I stop it? Also, I only took two rips, one was small and the other was rather large, but I'm pretty sure it was higher quality weed, because I was smoking with some people that had done it before. Please Help!
  2. Thats crazy, i wanna know your strategy
  3. why would you want such a feeling to go away?
  4. WOW. where do they get the weed?

    Was it green? Cuz you dont want to be smoking it when its green. once it turns brown like an old leaf. that when its smokable. you cant smoke green plant too soon youll be stoned for weeks.
  5. The first two times I got really high I experienced a feeling of being high that lasted the day after. I'm sure it was just a psychological thing going on, because I do understand that there was no way I was actually high 14 hours later.
  6. everyone else that smoked it is fine. and please don't kid around I liked being high but not for more than 2 days, because I have everyday activities. For instance, I have a test tomorrow.
  7. Ohh, that kinda high :laughing:

    It's in your head, kid.
  8. If it's psychological, how do I get it out of my mind/head. also the last time I smoked weed was like a month ago and I felt kind of the similar thing, but it was only for part of the morning the next day.
  9. How do I get it out of my head? I'm serious....
  10. dont worry it will go away.

    When i first started smoking, like probably the first 10 times or so, i would have a weed "hangover" the next day.

    It wasnt debilitating in any way, but i DEFINITELY felt different... something was different.

    Once your body is a little more used to it, it will go away.
  11. Easy; dig this:

    You're not high. Its just in your head.

    Don't underestimate the power of human willpower.

    Damn I feel like a hypocrite saying that... But its true.
  12. Chill out.
  13. I think you smoked some crazy drugs not dope "touch somethign and feel it 2 seconds later" hahaha
  14. Excercise alot and drink alot of water. the same methods as passin a drug test i would assume..
  15. that's how I feel, but it has gone on for more than 2 days and I don't plan on smoking any more weed in the near future, because I'm starting football training soon and that's the other reason I want this out of my head.
  16. Dude you'll be allright. Your just thinking about it a little too much, just dont worry about it get a nice sleep and you'll feel fine tomorrow

  17. your not high your burnt. Some people get this worse then others. Weed changes your personality weather you like it or not. You become calmer and more relaxed. The touching shit is all in your head. However your buggin because your noticed a state of mind change in yourself. Once youve smoked a few times this becomes less noticible as you learn to controll it. most smokers here dont remeber this happening to them becaue alot of us have been smokeing for years but after a long t break you def feel the difference. Believe me you will do fine on your test just dont think about it. your just as smart as your were before just try to focous and next time you smoke, smoke more!
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  18. I sadly can't smoke anymore? Is there anything else I can do?
  19. You should be fine on your test, as the feeling will just go away. Even if the feeling doesn't go away in time for the test, it shouldn't affect your ability to do well on it. I played tennis while I "felt high" the follow day, and I was convinced that I would be terrible but I was playing just like I normally would.
  20. I can't smoke anymore, so is there anything else I can do? I know you will say why not and it's because of football and my club does tests all the time.

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