I stepped into the Twilight Zone.

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    Actually, it was just a Bi-Lo bathroom.

    I was tripping on shrooms when my girlfriend and I decided to stop into a grocery store to get some glowsticks for a concert we were going to that night.

    Well i had to piss really bad so i was walking down the aisle and all the items seemed alive and that was pretty cool, but nothing came close to the feeling I got when I walked into the bathroom.

    I opened the door, looked up, and just stopped. I thought i was just tripping balls and imagining things, and took this picture on my phone to see if it was real or not. Then when I realized it was really painted this way, I thought 'hey, my GC blades might enjoy some pics of this' and proceeded to snap some more pictures.


    Trippiest place i've pissed in! Enjoy!


    EDIT: it's a lot more enjoyable if you're tripping on 3.5 g of shrooms and are surrounded by vibrating green walls.
  2. that shit looks ill.

    reminds me of when i puffed in myrtle beach and went to this scummy ass arcade. i thought i was trippin balls haha in the bathrooms the fucking stalls had no doors the shitters were out in the open, and the fucking urinals were a bathtub with holes ahhaha.

    my mom said the fucking womens bathroom was a line of 3 toilets out in the open, no doors hahaha. so i knew i wasn't imagining shit.
  3. Gotta love the touch of urine in the urinal and the graffiti on the wall in the 3rd pic, lol.
  4. Yeah it was cool the graffitti looked like a pile of snakes it kept moving.

    That's my piss, i took the pictures after relieving myself. :D
  5. holy shit i got chills... rollin right now.. that rooms is so green
  6. I had a similar experience at the restroom of tacobell in Huntington Beach, ca. I was taking a piss and the walls were orange and green, and all angles of walls and corners were distorted. I still to this day don't know if I hallucinated those colors or not.

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