I started smoking weed today

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Michael@420, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. I bough some "Bad Budha" as my friend's dealer calls it but im not sure if it is legit... Plz can u guys help me?

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  2. Yes that's weed doesn't look terrible either

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    What do you mean "legit"? Have you smoked it? If so, do you feel high? Have friends that smoke? If so, show them!
    From here, Looks like some sort of shake..not nugs.
    Is that 1/8oz (3.5grams)?
    If you are going to smoke, learn all you can here, and for God's sake, buy a gram scale, like this one:
    Best $9 you can spend and will save its cost quickly!

    Also, screw weed names from most dealers..they make it up as they go LOL
  4. That bright green in the bud and the lack of trichs makes me think it was harvested way too early and probably not dried long enough. Doubt it was even cured. Find a new plug

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  5. we all started somewhere , when you are new like you the options are limited until you meet other people and gain more resources. As a newbie you probably do not want what everyone calls " the best dank ever " because it can be too much for a new smoker . My wife tried for the 1st and last time 1 year ago and the strength was too much so she did not enjoy it one bit .
  6. Get a indica if ya can
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