i started growing...i dont know what im doing

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  1. hello people...im very new to this site...yay...anywaysi know its late especially for chicago but i just planted 4 seeds in my backyard... i know backyard isnt a good place buttt yeah i planted them only july 4th and its chicago so im gonna have to pull them up a little early so i was wondering about how much bud will i get for having the plant 3 months? and by the way its two days past fourth of july and one plant is coming along nicleys with 4 leaves so far, two round and two regular annnd one is just shitty as hell its just a stem with a green ball at the end...however im not positive if its one of the ones i planted cause other stuff grows back there too...anyway yeah i know that question cant be answered exactly but generally ya know...by the way this is my first time growing...and how do i tell if my plant is female or male (i know right now i wont be able to tell but for the future) and what makes female better than male? i hope someone replies to this...

    yes im aware i did this thread already but this way maybe ill get more replies... by the way its bagseed
  2. uhh def wrong forum, but if you look right below ya, there's plenty of reading about indoor grows, a couple of outdoors to, and most of them answer your questions. before you get flammed, id advise you read a couple of grow guides. search is in the top right corner. welcome to the city and gl :D
  3. well i have looked at quite alot but have never found the answers to those questions...and i am soon gonna start a journal thing
  4. okay fair enough, to answer your questions, your plants will not produce much bud, especially as far north as you are. summer solstice is past, so time is against you, but you should bud, regardless if its bagseed or not. males have balls, females have hairs. your plant most likely will show sex as soon as mature.
  5. much thanks to you naughty dread...now sorry but just a few more questions...when does it mature like when the leaves develop or when it starts to flower or what im really new at growing. how much do you think ill get like half an ounce? more? less? annnnd will i get high at all if i smoke male?

  6. Well, they are mature as soon as they show sex. From there they go onto flowering in one week or so. Well 3 plants... assuming none die, and you take propper care of them, you should be able to get at least 2 ounces. Mind you, I don't even know if it's indica or sativa...
  7. yeah i was meaning to ask that question too what is sativa and indica? wich one is better for outdoor growing?how can i tell wich one my plant is?and will smoking male bud get me high?
  8. You have a lot to learn my friend. I recommend you get the cannabis growing bible and read it front to back. It's 400+ pages, but you will grasp everything you need to know. If you want I can send it to you. PM over the forums, and we will set a date and I can send it over aim.
  9. alright i got aim that can work
  10. Hell, I am here now, message me, "swaenKmonsta" without the quotes ;)
  11. ok i found out what they are....now what would i get a bigger harvest from?...im growing outdoors if that helps.
  12. a bigger harvest comes with more time which you dont have, i seriously doubt youll produce an oz per plant. indoors, we normally have a 3 month cycle, outdoors can be up to 7-8 months, catch my drift?
  13. i seeee. well to be honest i dont care if all i get is a gram its my first time growing ill be happy with anything...but next time i grow things will be much different....muuuuch different
  14. well sinse this thread is under grow journal ill make it one...i looked in the yard today...the good one has not grown today and there was no sun out then i looked at the weird one and what i though was a ball is now seperating into two leaves...im still not sure if this is one of my plants or not...well the sun came out around 5:30 and stayed till 7:30...so that really sucked i hope tomorrow things are better and my deformed baby will grow. today is day....#4 of my grow...
  15. are you enjoying the book? It's a long read, but deffinitely worth it. Do you have a digital camera? We would love to see some pictures ;D
  16. yeah its pretty good im on page 236. i dont have a digital camera sadly...but i might buy one
  17. alright long story short there were 4 plants and two died from bugs one is injured and one just has a little bite out of it...i need some sort of bug keep away thing somebody give me advice quick their dying!!!

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