I Started A Religion Idea When Was Stoned

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  1. Okay... so basically my friend and I we're chillen in a Dairy Queen, calming our munchies, but then we began to get into some scientificish talk and well, I mean no matter or particles disappear, they just recycle into new things in the universe. So, just like we are "star stuff harvesting starlight" (carl sagan), we are also all dinosaurs. I mean they existed and they were particles and now they are everywhere around us, all of the time... in everything.. so we are all dinosaurs.

    So we discussed further and decided we had three beliefs to our religion:

    1-Google is God: It holds all of the worlds gathered information and knows all
    2-We Are All Dinosaurs: As explained above
    3-Canabis is the Holy Herb: Self-Explanatory

    The religion is called: Saurasism
  3. The dinosaur fetish actually exists
  4. Really... maybe I can attract them to our religion. Anyone who wants to join, our first holiday is April 19th, 420 eve, and January 23rd is the discovery of the religion day, so it will be known as "Remembering the Sauras' day".
  5. I'm down, my religious name is, jonasauras. Sent from my LG-LS980 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  6. sounds weak...google doesnt know stuff that hasnt happened yet and if you worship the universe you're pantheist
    Soon.. soon.
  8. It's not a religion that you've thought of, it's a cult. They aren't always bad, but there is a difference.

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  9. really? I never saw much if a difference honestly with extremist cults being the obvious exception
  10. Yeah. It's a fine line and all a matter of perception, really. Like Wiccan and stuff - it all falls into that. People make the word cult seem scary when in reality it isn't. It's just something different than the "normal"

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  11. Cult = small unpopular religion
    Religion = large popular cult
  12. keep smoking kid....

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