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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by lacrossestar, May 23, 2003.

  1. Now alot of peeps on this site have said it cant be done but i am here to prove you wrong! its not a threat or anyhing mean just saying like look im gonna try it. On other sites and saw that flouros can grow plants just as big so i am going to do it once i earn up some money and get paid
  2. you go on with your bad self!
  3. Hell yeah, power to tha flouro growers!

    Are you using 4' tubes? if so i suggest different bulbs in multiple spectrums. My girl is kickin' ass under 200 watts of flouros, i got like 10 tips, tight nodes, and a short thick bushy plant that just keeps gettin' bushier.

  4. Ive said it many times, you dont need expensive lights and all the extra goodies, just good light (flouoros count) good soil and good ventilation.

    some of the stonyest shit ive grown was under flouros.

    good luck
  5. ya just dont get the weight without the reds.

    yea u can grow total under floro but...well whatever do as u wish...but after doing this for many years...i have floro for the veg and seedlings and clones. the they go under HPS.

    its just better with HPS
  6. I plan to do it with fluro's 2 20watt fluros for 4 plants the fluro lights are 4 feet long, Ill just put the light like 1 inch away from the plant at all times
  7. THIS IS MY 1ST GROW, AND I DID IT WITH FLORO!! HAHA i can ryme.. anyways i started to flower with floro since i was growing with them..i had a alot of floro lights.. the FLORO WORK light is a good light to use.. but i noticed that the buds were small n i was not getting tomany... BUT THEN, i got a 70w HPS ,now my buds are bigger and better, and have mega THC on them. cant wait till harvest
  8. lol I know what you mean secnick....lol...im on same week as you and after reading how long you can cure 4....i was like damn....lol......curing post talked about crazy buds curing 4 a year..lol.....sorry but i cant wait that long.......im getting super nervious....cause i know cutting, drying and curing is next....hell the growing part was easy.....keeping people outa my closet aint.lol......stay the fuk out!!!!!
  9. On friday I get my clones, Im just preparing now.. so far I got my soil in 20 litre buckets ( 70% soil 30% perlite ), and i got 2 25watt compact fluros ( 1750 lumens each ) I got fertilizer 15-15-18 ( for when flowering ) and im debating on what to spend my last 50$ on.... I could get this work lite for 35$ or save up for a cheap hps like 100watts or somthing!
  10. get the HPS brotha!! good for like 2 or 3 plants.. those 25w floro will work, if u want more light, get the floro bulbs, they come 2 in a pack and push more than 1000 lumens a peice...made by Lights Of America, its not the work light eaither..like 7 bucks a peice.. same kinda lights i had in my set-up, made my box look like a disco... Walmart got some good stuff also.. but check it,,, when u flower u wanna use somthing with a high Phosphorus leval.. im using 10-60-10 to flower.. but when ur Vegging u want High Nitrogen.. like 40-10-10.. trust me this will show a BIG differance..N-P-K plays a big part in a plants life.. good luck... PS.. do u have good ventalation for ur spot?? a place to put a fan, and a fan to flush all the stale air out?? fresh air plays another big part in the life of a plant.. there like us.. need fresh air to live.. and it also keeps the area cool.. to hot will hurt ur plants and stress them out.. wich may cause MALE plants to produce.. see i had 1 seed, 1 pot, one chance.. and i produced a female because of the care i gave her... POT LUCK!! haha later
  11. Yup I got a good fan.... right now I dont wanna worry about fertilizers!
  12. I cant see anything for 7$, are they compact flourescents ? Or tubes ? wut r they called ?
  13. I just picked up a couple of CF's from Home dePot. They each put out 1750 lumens and use only 27 watts. The light output is allegedly equal to 100 watts. Cost was $7.97 each.
  14. thats exactly what i got 1750 lumens each bulb and around 7$, but they require lamps....
  15. hahaha thats why there bulbs.. u can take an old lamp u dont use and take it apart and just use the Socket.. thats what i did.. works great..
  16. Dont got any, guess ill have to buy those socket things with plugs in em at home depot when i go pick up 2 more of those lights!
  17. cool deal man.. i hope it works out for you. they should be real cheap.. u can find them in Pet stores.. they use those sockets for heat lamps, to put over a tank that has a reptile in it.. and they have metal around them.. so the light goes in 1 direction... hurry and take pics.. cause ur reminding me of when i started to grow.. i used everything ur about to use.
  18. lol cool man, hey ima start a thread about fertilizers !

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