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  1. Good morning Grasscity! Though this may be able to go in either science or SP, I have posted here.

    So, whenever I'm staring through my telescope, or at the landscape from a mountain summit, or a creek and all of its activity, I get a weird feeling that I can only describe as the same feeling I'd get when I was little when I'd stare at a page from I Spy.

    Nature makes me feel this way, but I can't fucking explain it. I've asked my friends and they don't have a clue what I'm talking about lol. So, I'm curious if in the huge grasscity group there is someone who can relate.

    Those pages had a kind of eerie silence to them, the objects seemed frozen in time, and though they were arranged haphazardly, there was a beauty to the chaos. All of this is akin to nature, and thats as far as I can understand the ethereal feeling.

    Here's a good example image to stare at lol, [​IMG]
  2. Don't really know what I spy is, but I can relate to your story.
    Nature has something really peacefull and animals usually seem happy. It's a shame that we're so separated from nature these days.
  3. Yea I agree, it amazes me how effortlessly things go on and are produced. Man, I really want to hit up a hiking trail soon
  4. [quote name='"SpaceGuru"']Yea I agree, it amazes me how effortlessly things go on and are produced. Man, I really want to hit up a hiking trail soon[/quote]

    That's what i've been doing bud damn this swamp weather :(
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    Thought I should post an I Spy image since not everyone is familiar. Google image was surprisingly lacking, but I found this one:
  6. I spy was the shit, and "an eerie quiet" is dead on. I've never connected the feeling to nature of my own accord, but upon your suggestion it seems fitting. :smoke:
  7. Thanks a lot Meursault :hello: Like I said, none of my friends knew what I was talking about, so I'm glad to hear someone understands :D
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    So I was just in my attic looking around and found all my dads old vinyls, some really sweet stuff; but there was an issue of Rolling Stone, November 1987, concerning one of my all time favorite bands, Pink Floyd. As far as trippy and reflective music goes, they're ideal.

    But the cover is incredibly reminiscent of a page from I Spy:

    Could it be that Pink Floyd, in attempting to convey their ethereal and existential sounds, had converged on an image reproducing the same effects I associate with the strikingly similar pages of I Spy? Maybe. Just thought I'd share lol

    Edit: Chances are very high they had nothing to do with the cover; totally overlooked that at first, but the point stands.

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