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I spy mold. What now?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by krooger, Mar 19, 2011.

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    I got this bud yesterday that seemed really really sticky. The trichomes were soaring off this thing. When I go to break it up.... i decide that its a little too sticky to use in the grinder. (another odd thing about this bud is that it is some purp srsly... I mean its green but 20% or so is purple. the purple was at the base half of each bud leaf and became extremely visible when breaking apart the herb...)

    Then I spot a curious white spot on the bud.... I break it open underneath a light... and a cloud of a white mist comes from it.. and appears a small web of white mold. :( :(

    I bought an entire ounce of it... my vender says that his vender said there is nothing he can do about it (he checked his stuff and all his stuff is fine)..... and so i'm def in a hole here. (This thread is not about hates to my vender)

    I bought this for myself for the rest of this semester... I hope i'm not SOL.

    The wiki (Cannabis consumption - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) says that its recommended that it bake in the oven at 300F for 5 minutes. I did that to a g, and it came out like vaped weed, and crumbled apart as i squeezed it just as vaped weed would (makes sense). Perhaps attempt again at a lower heat?

    It seems that most sites say that its not dangerous to inhale... that it is actually quite normal to inhale this type of fungus on a regular basis. the consensus seemed to be as long as you do not have a suppressed immune system you should be fine... but there ARE a few rare cases of death.

    Inhalation of these spores is much better than any type of eating like cannabutter or brownies.

    What should I do? Toss it out? I mean... It doesn't seem to be too moldy... I took out and threw away what I inspected to be visibly moldy and adjacent bud. 2.7gs. :/

    What would you do... It's smell is one of a must that could be taken as citrusy. (from my experience with bud, you can tell this odor is off, but not too much and a newbie would never second guess)

    Also, there were two different strains in my O. i took out the nice fluffy stuff (about an 8th). Is this bud bad now too because it maybe has been in contact with the spores of the mold?

    Should I keep it in a mason jar as usual or a plastic baggie or a paper bag?

    If you think its safe for a bit, i could easily share the o quickly with friends.

    Advice greatly needed.
  2. tl;dr :eek:

    If there's mold on a bud, either ask for your money back or throw it out. I don't know if I would even touch the other buds you got with it.

    Either way, no bueno senor.
  3. Shitty :(
    Mold does spread by spores so there is a good chance it got all over the place.
    QWISO is fun and would be a whole lot better than throwing it all out.

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